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Hi Reddit, throwaway here. It's been a long while since I've been at a strip club and have made plans with some friends to go this weekend. Please let us know which is best and worst in your opinion. Perhaps experiences, prices, how shady is it, etc. Bit of trivia for you all. If you look at Rick's on Google maps, you'll see that the entrance is extended away from the main body of the building. That's because the Williamson and Travis county line run through the property it's on.

In order for them to avoiding falling under Williamson County regulations, the owner extended the entrance so they would fall under Travis County regulations. Let's be real.

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Do yourself a favor. Some of those "tips" might make you lust for a run down to S. YES I'm not being specific, why, because the best club varies by the day and the latest hot tip posted there. I'm not as crafty as those dudes and haven't sampled the warez as much, just don't have the money to become a regular at these places and know every girl by name.

She'll send something high mileage your way. The Yellow Rose, Palazzio, Expose and Perfect 10 are all pretty decent clubs and, believe it or not, they have an absolutely delicious hamburger at Yellow Rose. I've never been to Babe's Showgirls or Pink Monkey but, I can tell you that XTC is the only place I've Adult clubs austin one dancer do a keg-stand and another offer to show me her "stab wound", with absolutely no innuendo or irony in her voice.

All these comments and no one's mentioning Chicas Bonitas? Come on, reddit, y'all too white. Palazzio 3. All types of girls and most are very attractive. Not 'high mileage' but the closest to a las vegas club in austin. The negatives are that about half the time there are more guys than dancers and now the teen mom lady is there with a camera crew. Expose 3 stars - Good club were I've met really cool dancers but generally this feels like a strictly business establishment which is positive for the girls.

I only go during the week and there are usually a lot of hipster-tattooed girls and they offer cheap drinks.

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The negatives are that it's usually very empty. Sugars 4 stars- My favorite in Austin. They have tattooed girls, Latinas, black honeys, and Adult clubs austin met a gorgeous blonde who I dated for a few months there. There are usually more girls than guys and I can smoke weed on the patio. Chicas Bonitas 2 stars - I'm mexican and feel too white for this place. Everyone is talking spanish, girls are doing coke outside, and the dancers are generally older, heavy Hispanics but once in a while there are some gems.

Rick's Caberet 3. The girls are similar to expose but the entire staff is really cool and friendly. A little too farth north for me to frequent but I had a great experience. Yellow Rose 3 stars - Only been there twice, once to pick up dancer I was dating and once a few weeks ago.

It's a good looking club but I guess I went on off nights because it was fairly empty and I just wasn't feeling the atmosphere. Got the feeling they were trying to be a Las Vegas-esque club. Preferably North of DT. Also any other full on nude ones besides XTC? I went to that one a few years back and that one was kinda gross. Hey there!

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If you find yourself heading south, try Expose or Palazzio. Like many businesses like this find out which charges the most at door etc.

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That one. Imagine the cheap ones. Ask Austin. Posted by 7 years ago.

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Sort by: best. OP, here is the shady. High mileage is a good thing?? Continue this thread. What part of town. I usually go to yellow rose or p10s. OP here, thanks!

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Adult clubs austin

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