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Post by explorer » Fri Dec 21, pm. Post by frank lee bent » Fri Dec 21, pm. Post by epidemiks » Fri Dec 21, pm. Post by rasputin » Sat Dec 22, am. Post by hdgh29 » Mon Jun 24, am. Post by Dumbinic » Mon Jul 01, am. Post by fax » Mon Jul 01, am. Post by Anthony's Weiner » Mon Jul 01, am. Post by Mr-Retardo » Thu Jul 04, pm. Post by Kung-fu Hillbilly » Thu Jul 04, pm. This is a part of our Cambodia forums to chat about anything Cambodia-related. This discussion forum is at the top of our site because it's usually the busiest part of the expat community chatter with random topics on just about everything, including expat life, Khmer politics, Cambodian blogs we have or have come across, or whatever else our members want to discuss.

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Whether you're an expatriate, tourist, Cambodian or random traveler just passing through South East Asia, you are welcome to talk about anything or start new topics yourselves. Post Reply topic Next topic. What experiences have you had. I thought I knew all the answers, but they changed all the questions.

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I ed up for asiandate. Somewhere among all the dreck I think there are real women, but if the site can't filter out the obscene propositions, I'm not going to bother. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk. A bit of a late reply but only just saw this. No, I don't think they are scams, although I am sure scammers use them. Few years back when I was living in Saigon, getting tired of the bar girl scene, I ed up for a couple of these sites to try to meet Vietnamese women just to hang out, go out with, and ok maybe sex if it was on the agenda.

Long story short, ended up meeting some sad, lonely, semi attractive ladles who were basically in the same situation as me, looking for companionship.

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Also met a couple Asian dating forum good looking hookers who were definitely worth the price of admission but that's another story. Moral of the story? A lot of people everywhere lead desperate lonely lives. You wanna meet some? a dating website. But you want to meet happy, cute, sexy girls telling you how handsome you are? Go to a bar downtown. Three long term relationships from Asian dating sites over the years with all the women being educated, independent and interesting people. The idea that seeing the world is going from place to place to look at obvious things is an illusion natural to dull minds.

Similar Topics. In Thailand they have - thaifriendly. Do they have anything similar in Cambodia? Or is it By Celeste Ng October 12th, We are gonna kill a whole lot of white motherfuckers and their Has anyone used any online dating sites for finding Khmer Girls? If so, any tips? My Friend wants I hope this is the right forum, feel free to move it if it belongs in culture or wherever.

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I will Dating Chinese vs Khmer. Do you think Chinese women make better wives than Khmers do?

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Why or why not?

Asian dating forum

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