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For most leading men, a certain stereotype is in place as well. These guys are fit, muscular, tall, and handsome — ideal when it comes to traditional movie star standards. But when it comes to the fellas, there is far more leeway when it comes to body type for those who make a living on stage and screen.

Maybe these less-than-chiseled men seem down to earth, more attainable, or just have personalities that win over the hearts of the ladies who love them. Super-studly celebs can come off as arrogant and untouchable, while these tubbier talents are cute and cuddly, warm and gentle. Here are some of our favorite chubby male celebs we think are super sexy. Get over George Clooney and make some room for a man with a little junk in the trunk. Funnyman Seth Rogan is certainly no gym rat, but his charm and creative humor make up for his lack of biceps. Sorry to all his female fans, but Rogan is married, which is no surprise because plenty of gals would love to spend time laughing and joking around with a true comedian.

From Canada to California, Rogan has impressed the Hollywood heavyweights with his wit and wisdom. Does he look like Ben Affleck? Kevin James may be in his 50s, but his cute baby face and fun demeanor make him seem at least a decade younger. Maybe the fact that his character was with such a pretty TV wife made women rethink their standards when it comes to what kind of fella they consider relationship material.

We love watching him on TV and in his funny movies, Chubby male celebrities his gentle eyes always win us over. Who needs a skinny guy when Kevin James is ready to come in with a big bear hug? At age 48, this sexy musical fella is still going strong, rapping it up with the best of them and remaining in the public eye far longer than most celebs have. Married sinceIce Cube is a family man with 4. While his adoring female fans Chubby male celebrities never get a chance to be with him, there is a sexy quality about a committed guy who loves his family. But who cares about his body shape when the man can sell out stadiums and make sweet music to win over women from all walks of life?

When a guy can command the crowds and captivate audiences with raw talent and true emotion, sex appeal is evident. He may enjoy drinking one, but he is not going to have one chiseled out any time soon! Black is happily married with 2 kids, but women can fantasize, no?

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Strong qu and a tight rear may be fun to look at, but a funny fella has all the tricks up his sleeve to keep a gal interested for the long haul. He seems to be a fun-loving fella with an obvious knack for comedy and a talent for acting. He may not look like Matt Damon, but fans love Gardell just the way he is — cute and cuddly and totally adorable.

Like lots of other charming fellas, Gardell has been married since and has one .

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By traditional Hollywood standards, Gardell is by no means a sex symbol, but his admiring female fan base disagrees. Funny fellas always win over the chicks, and Gardell proves the point perfectly. This guy just melts our hearts, every time we watch him act or see him being interviewed. His charisma and charm is so magnetic, is is no wonder his career spiked after being cast in the film "Superbad.

He first entered our lives as the funny friend, chubby but really cute, as he's matured we've seen a different side to him which might be masking us drool.

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His weight has fluctuated over the years, luring us in every time we see a fit Jonah Hill walking around. None the less we still love this guy as the chubby friend, chubby or not he Chubby male celebrities sexy as hell. What would Modern Family be without the wonderfully hilarious Eric Stonestreet? While he may not be the stereotypical leading man when it comes to outward appearance, his cuteness and funny wit makes the actor a fantasy for some women. Stonestreet is years-old and hails from Kansas, but by golly, he is surely not in Kansas anymore! Now a Hollywood A-lister, this funny fella is an unconventional sex symbol for ladies looking for more than a buff body and a tanned torso.

Fame and talent are super-attractive and Stonestreet has got the goods. While he is no longer with us, James Gandolfini was considered to be quite sexy by his many fans who loved his work on The Sopranosamong his other well-received roles. He was only with us until he was years-old, but during his time in the spotlight, the talented actor made a huge impression on audiences.

He was no Clint Eastwood when it came to the looks department, but something about Gandolfini had women shouting from the rooftops with admiration and attraction to the big-boned actor. Fans miss him and still consider him one of the finest talents of our time. May the actor rest in peace and know fans still remember his talent and presence on screen. The actor is Chubby male celebrities spotted with a big bushy beard and mustache, and even with all that facial hair, women still find him to be adorable. But too bad for these fans, because the actor has been married since and has two kids who surely find him to be the funniest dad on Earth.

And surely his wife finds him to be as sexy as his fans do!

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He was born as Joseph Antonio Cartagena, but rappers always need a stage name, so why not go with the obvious! His songs are hits, his beats are unbeatable, and his fans simply love Fat Joe and all his fine-looking fat! American Idol alum Ruben Studdard may be a rotund fella, but his unmatched musical talent, charm, kind soul, and huge stage presence make Studdard a stud! Who knew such a chubby fella would be the new Denzel?

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