Circle line tube

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The Circle line today is not so much a circle as a loose spiral, but its existence is fundamental to the history of the Underground. But since a third line has ed the District and the Met on the Tube map — the Circle. The loop was referred to as the Inner Circle in Parliamentary papers as early asbut the Circle line name was not used officially until It was circular, or more accurately, elliptical, until Due to its origins as a service rather than a separate line, all of the stations on the Circle line are served by at least one other Tube line.

When the mainline railways reached London in the 19th century their terminus stations were barred from the central area. The first two steam underground railways, the Metropolitan and the District, opened Circle line tube the s. However, the two companies fell out over money, making this less of a priority for both.

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This meant the circle planned in was only completed after government intervention in When circular services first started, clockwise trains were run by the District Railway and anticlockwise by the Metropolitan Railway. There was fierce competition between them. Known informally as the Circle or Inner Circle since the s, the shared loop was not formally named the Circle line until Circle line tube It became a separate distinct line inwith the addition of a black border, finally turning the yellow we know today in Circle line trains were hand-me-downs from the other lines until a fleet of new C69 stock trains were delivered in Despite having three lines run through it, including the Circle, Great Portland Street station only has one pair of tracks, making it one of the most intensely used parts of the Underground.

On the morning of 7 July15 people died in terrorist bomb attacks on two Circle line trains, at Edgware Road and near Aldgate. Bombs were also detonated on the Piccadilly line at Russell Square and on a bus nearby. In total, 56 people lost their lives. In the Independent newspaper printed a story suggesting that TfL were looking into using the Circle line to house a new type of particle accelerator similar to the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva — as an April Fool joke. Closed, reopens at The Circle line. Key facts. Length: 27km. Stations: Opened: Why is it called the Circle line?

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Circle line tube

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