Conversation by telephone

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This post include telephone conversation examples in English. Please follow the list for detailed expressions and examples. Asking for someone or something:. Leaving a message with someone:. Leaving a message on an answering machine:. This is very instructive. The latter is a common usage here in Nigeria which emphasizes British English.

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I have better explanation to my students now. Telephone Conversation in English. Prev Article Next Article. England PC Services. This is Sarah speaking. Sarah speaking. Could I take your name, please? Hello, caller.

This is Kevin Jelf calling. Could you put me through to Charles Stevenplease? Could I speak to someone who … I am just calling to say…. Mr Steven? Will you take the call? Yes, please put him though. One moment Just a second or momentplease. Please hold on.

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I will get you through him. Could you hold the line, please? Please, hold the line. Certainly, Mr Kevin Jelf.

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Of course, Mr Jelf. Mr Jelf? Thank you for holding.

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I am sorry you have dialed a wrong. He is not in office now. Can I ask who is calling? Can I take a message? Would you like to leave a message? I will let him know you called. Is there anyone else you would like to speak to? Could you call again after 2 hours?. Yes, it is Kevin Jelf here.

Could you ask him to call me when he is available.

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My is… No, that is okay. I will call back later. Could you tell her that her friend Kevin called?

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Could you repeat that, please? Could you speak up a little, please? Could you spell that, please? Sorry, my English is not good. Could you speak a little slower? Could I ask you to spell your surname for me, please? The line is very bad this end. Could I ask you to repeat your name, please? Could you say your name again, please? Let me repeat that just to make sure. Thanks for calling. Bye for now. I need to hang up now. Thank you for calling, Mr Steven. Good bye. Thank you for calling Friend Tecnology Firm. Have a nice day! You have reach Thank Conversation by telephone.

This is Kevin calling for Charles. Could you please return my call as soon as possible? My is Related Posts. About The Author englishstudy More from this Author. This is goo. Owolewa April 2, Gbadebo A. A Mansur March 13, Very Brief and concised, I love it. Kudos to the team and big thanks.

Conversation by telephone

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Telephonic Conversation - Part 1 ( Talking on Phone)