Dating your teacher

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If you ever went to college, you likely met quite a few attractive teachers, professors, and teacher assistants. It is okay to daydream about dating your professor but if you are serious about it, you should keep a few things in mind. Make sure you are legally allowed to date them each state and country has different regulations. Lastly, think about whether this relationship will be detrimental to your studying and relationships with the people you know such as your friends or your parents.

The first step in seducing your teacher or professor is to make sure they notice you in class. Keep gaze extra-long whenever talking to them and try to be a little flirty without making them feel uncomfortable.

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The main fear that will stop your teacher from going out with you is that other students and faculty will find out about it and his or her career might be in jeopardy. To make it easy for them try to talk and flirt with your teacher or professor only after class or during tutorials, this is the time when they will be more relaxed and outgoing.

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Start slowly by asking if you can get some help after class and if they agree to meet up, move slowly and start asking more personal questions to find out about their relationship status and things they enjoy doing. Tell them that you are going to buy coffee or lunch for them to pay back for all the time they spent teaching you after class. Alternatively, you can say that you have some tickets left for the event but no one wants to go and you wonder if he or she would you.

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When you do go out, try to be slow with your advances, your professor will have to overcome a few mental barriers that prevent him or her from seeing you as a potential intimate partner and not just another student that takes their class. After you are officially going out, it is important to keep the relationship and school separate or otherwise, your teacher or professor might get scared that they might lose a job because of you two going out.

By Dating Expert. You probably also fantasized about what would it be to date them.

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