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Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to My beliefs were leaning toward atheism and naturalism. Being in my mid 30s I felt it was time to challenge myself and upset the apple cart a bit. Similar to others on this board I think people are stuck in their he too much. I like the idea of experiential knowledge which is more of an Eastern tradition rather than just a cerebral mind "knowing" common in the West.

Simply giving mental assent to facts doesn't mean you really know something. I tried mushrooms several times about 18 years ago but those memories are faded and mainly consist of being an emotional mess. I liked the idea of killing my ego and being a more humble and gentle person which seemed to be what I saw with Mike Tyson. My first trip experience was pretty good. I had closed eye visuals of patterns and shapes which was vivid and trippy.

This only lasted a short time but it was enough that I was hooked and really wanted Dmt drug forum experience more. During this period I was reading more online and starting to understand that the goal was to reach "breakthrough".

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Following my first trip I had several failed attempts where I never got off the ground and just had a body high. The body high was anxious energy but still kind of cool and left a lingering positive afterglow feeling of being high.

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Following those failed attempts I was frustrated with wasting product and not having any real psych experience. I decided for my next trips to do really big hits to ensure I would blast off The Trip: My first mistake is not having a scale to measure dosage accurately.

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I loaded my pen with way more product than I ever did before with hopes of reaching breakthrough. I had heard people talk about the "void" where you take too much and just blast past everything and there is nothing. I was hoping not to end up in the void but to achieve breakthrough and maybe meet some entities and have a spiritual experience. I take an absolute massive hit and hold it in as long as I can. As the drug takes hold I am shot out very quickly into a black space. It is dark and quiet for about 1 second and then the trip starts. I am immediately stuck in a loop.

It is like the movie groundhog day where I just keep repeating the same 3 seconds over and over and over. The moment I realize I am stuck in a loop it starts over. It was almost like a joke was Dmt drug forum told and the moment I heard the punchline the whole joke started at the beginning. I knew in the deepest way possible that this was eternal and I was stuck here forever.

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I started to panic about being stuck in this loop and I could never escape. I had a fleeting thought that I would be in a psych ward stuck like this. I thought to myself this is how people go crazy. This is what the inside of crazy feels like. Then slowly my mind began to put words to the experience.

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You are dying - so this is what dying feels like. You are dying - so this is what dying feels like It felt like those near death experiences where someone is dead and has the choice to live or die. I felt like if I didn't fight in that moment I would die. Meanwhile the narrative switched to: So this is what a heart attack feels like - So this is what a heart attack feels like - So this is what a heart attack feels like.

I needed to get help or I would die.

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The next thing I remember is I am downstairs lying on my back and my mom and my wife are looking down at me. I am telling them I am having a heart attack. My mom is about to call Finally I Dmt drug forum out "its drugs, I am on drugs!!!

My wife realizes I am just high and hauls me upstairs. I am still super scared this looping will start again so I demand she stays with me. I am a frantic hot mess at this point. My wife is super pissed off but I make her stay with me and snuggle up to her for about min and let some of the high wear off. As I slowly come down I realize I am free and not dying which is a huge relief. It was just so completely terrifying and I was in a sort of shock the rest of the evening until I went to bed at around PM. It really was a near death experience and even the following day I am still kind of reeling and emotionally on edge.

The big issue was my wife, mom, and. My wife and mom didn't know I was doing this. I had left work a few hours early since I had a head cold so I was having a nap in the afternoon around PM. My family is all conservative Christians so this did not go over well. My wife has been pretty cool and understanding with my interest in psychs but this went too far. I spent the rest of the night doing damage control and apologizing to my wife and mom about DMT and trying to explain it to them.

Never done either but I hear the experiences are much different, with 5-MeO more likely to produce a negative experience. I've received reports from friends of similar experience to yours from smoking salvia. Interesting story. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to take away from it. I've had positive experiences with LSD quite a long time ago but from the stories I've read about DMT I've never really had much desire to experiment with it. My general impression of people who are enthusiastic about psychedelics from a philosophical standpoint e.

I've never understood why people who take psychoactive drugs sometimes think that the altered states are more fundamentally real than non-altered states. If anything, my conclusion from my own experiences was mostly a greater awareness of the difference between perception and reality. Originally Posted by citamgine. Originally Posted by well named. Yes and the subculture of DMT is specifically very interesting. It is common for people to have what are called "breakthrough" experiences on DMT and then interact with entities.

People who use mushrooms also at times report interacting with entities as well. There seems to be two main schools of thought. Some people claim these experiences are all in your head and manifestations of your subconscious mind. This is the view most people not involved with psychs hold. The other perspective is that these altered states are actually people being transferred to a different realm and interacting with real entities. I reserve judgement either way but my curiosity is piqued. Even if Dmt drug forum experiences are all just your subconscious it is still very interesting to see what surfaces and to access parts of your mind that have hitherto been explored.

There is a great little bit in Peep Show that touches on this. No time for an animated GIF, so I'll transcribe it.

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But like, go youtube it, because its actually amusing if you watch it rather than read it. Mark: Magic mushrooms? Jeremy: Yes, and we're gonna smash down the doors of perception so we can see all the stuff that Mark: Isn't really there. Jeremy: That is really there but we don't normally see because we're so transfixed on Mark: The stuff that is really there.

Jeremy: Oh, it's so simple for you, isn't it?

Dmt drug forum

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