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There can be a lot of different things that come to mind when you talk about emotional intelligence, but although it's sort of a buzzword right nowa lot of people might not be exactly clear on what emotional intelligence actually is or what the phrase actually means. As it turns out, there's probably a reason for that. Because there's no one clear-cut definition of what emotional intelligence is, it can be difficult for people to sort out exactly what it means.

Generally, however, emotional intelligence has to do with your ability to recognize, acknowledge, and manage your own emotions and others'. Still, there are some s that can give you more of an idea of where you're at on the emotional intelligence scale, and although you might think that it's just something that you aren't, that's just not true. I think everyone has it, but some people either cultivate it and are aware of it and utilize it more than others. If you're still not sure whether you have a lot of emotional intelligence or just a little bit, there are a few things that you can watch out for that'll give you a better idea.

Highly-emotionally-intelligent people tell people what they need, Dr. Because you can recognize the way that Emotions signs meaning feeling and what you need in order to address the way that you're feeling, you're able to articulate that to other people, which means that you — and they — are all on the same. Being able to not only recognize that someone is struggling, excited, angry, or something else, but also to be able to sit with them, relate to them, and try to give them what they need, shows that you're very emotionally intelligent.

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Although being creative, in and of itself, might not mean that you're super high up on the emotional intelligence scale, people who are emotionally intelligent are also often creativeaccording to Psychology Today. Weniger noted that artistic skills might sometimes be an indicator that someone is emotionally intelligent, even if they think they're not. Self-awareness is hugely important when it comes to emotional intelligence. Knutson called it a "cornerstone bucket" of emotional intelligence and said that it's so important because it doesn't just let you see yourself better, but it also lets you better decipher other people and their emotions.

Am I Emotions signs meaning the other person time? Self-awareness is a facilitator that helps or enables you to better practice emotional intelligence. Close-ended questions are questions that can be answered in a word. Open-ended questions, however, give space for the person to get their point across. Being honest about how you're actually feeling takes some vulnerability as well as some self-awareness, but matching your behaviors to your emotions and recognizing what the effect might be on yourself and others can be a sure that someone has developed — and is using — their emotional intelligence.

Part of communicating assertively has to do with establishing boundaries, according to Dow. If you're telling people what you want, the boundaries can sometimes come naturally. That's part of emotional intelligence because it shows that you know where your limits lie and what you can — and are willing — to take and what you won't put up with. Weniger said that having good social skills can be another of emotional intelligence and that if you don't have these, you might notice that you're isolating yourself. It makes sense that emotional intelligence and social skills might be tied together because if a large part of emotional intelligence has to do with connecting with others and reading others and you don't have those social skills, you might not have as high of emotional intelligence either.

Yes, sometimes emotions can get the best of you and sometimes something terrible might happen that really can affect your mood and outlook for the rest of the day, but in situations like the one that Knutson described, the fact that you're able to regulate the way you're behaving and deal with the way that you're feeling without letting it take over can al that you're using your emotional intelligence.

World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Lauren Schumacker. There's not really a one-size-fits-all definition when it comes to emotional intelligencewhich can sometimes complicate people's ideas about their own level of emotional intelligence.

That being said, your ability to empathize with others, work with others, and read and regulate emotions might indicate that you have high emotional intelligence. If you're not great at emotional intelligence right now, the good news is that there are things that you can do to better develop it. You can communicate assertively. You're very Emotions signs meaning. You're artistic or can creatively solve problems. You're a self-aware person.

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You ask open-ended questions. You're open with how you feel. You set boundaries. You have good social skills. You don't let one bad moment ruin your whole day. Loading Something is loading.

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Emotions signs meaning

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