Give mommy your ass

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The Confessional is completely anonymous. See Confessional Rules. H has no sex drive anymore low T is afraid of taking T and having rage again, so we have sex twice a month and he only lasts about mins. Give mommy your ass one would expect him to deal w this. I read in the news a company is relocating its headquarters out of a state with a hostile business climate.

My daughter is in her 30s and I still do little things like drop by her job with coffee and muffins to brighten her day. I put a bad luck curse that I learned on the internet on my abusive ex H. He lost his job, wrecked his Bronco, and had a mini stroke, all within a year.

It's probably just coincidence, but I like to think I had something to do with it. Moved countries alone at 30, got my dream job at 32, married at Travel, romance, career, freedom or kids and a family? Why am I still struggling so hard with this choice?? I feel bad when I hear people saying having their baby was the best day of their lives. I love my child but it was the moment that my anxiety went out of control.

Would be heartbroken if this rumor is true. Rolls his eyes when I try to explain my unexpected transition into a completely diff person FCK. I have to accept the fact I'm 51 yrs old single -never married and I will be unloved for the rest of my life.

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I'd even welcome a new friend but that ain't happening either! We have a rental prop. Sorry not sorry. I had a j in my drawer that I was saving. I woke up, opened the box and found a 10 dollar bill but no j. Stay the fuck out of my personal belongings please. I think of divorcing my husband whenever we fight.

And when I picture divorced life I imagine having blissful time to myself when he has the. But then I know Id miss the kids beyond belief and that fantasy totally dries up. I set up two play dates for this weekend, one yesterday and one today, both flaked on me. My heart is broken that I can't find kids to play with my one and only child, DS4. If his social life turns out as lonely as mine, I will not recover from guilt. TAMW you have to ask your working adult son if his employer is hiring — because you just got fired from your job.

He is so very mistaken. Want to Give mommy your ass how hard it is to find a professional position if you're older? Go to any job-posting website, search experienced positions within your field, and notice they stop at experience above yrs.

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I kinda hate him for that. Solo porn is the only way to go. But yes, you will be harshly judged for doing it and even more at risk of being abused in general by shitty people because of it. As soon as we're alone, my husband whips out his penis as if it's something special that needs to be worshipped.

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Not happening. He's a nice guy and all but I have zero romantic feelings for him. It's been over 28 months since the last time I had sex.

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Don't know whether cockblocking kids or oblivious spouse who can't be bothered to find an opportunity to fuck are to blame, but pretty sure this Give mommy your ass the longest dry spell since I was I'm I got my own shit going on! This time the kids heard him vomiting. I just watched DD18m stare down a stuffed dinosaur and then suddenly lunge at its neck, bite it, and throw it to the ground.

This will be the child I get phone calls home about from preschool, just watch. I don't understand all of the woman saying that if they had not become a SAHM, they would be able to leave their DH and live a fabulous life. Does that kind of thing only work for rich people? Today is the end. Last straw. We are done. But this has to end. SIL loves being a mom - itches for another baby every 3 years. I love my kids, but I don't like being a mom - I find the joys in the stages, but can't wait for them to be grown.

We are different, but we are both normal and our desires are both ok. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics. Visit our Privacy Policy for more info.

Confessional Sorry H but my return on the investment in our marriage isn't worth it anymore. I actually meant it when I said she was my world. I know he loves me and appreciates everything I do for our family but I really wish he would put in just a little bit of effort. Thanks for confiding! We'll approve and publish your confession soon! Link copied and ready to share! I am so sick of waking up feeling panicked for no discernable reason. I'm afraid of falling in love. I never go to the doctor.

Like, ever. I am a nice person but I do have evil thoughts. Prev 40 of Next. You know we're there for you, mama, but if you're struggling, there are people who can help you. Learn More You know we're there for you, mama, but if you're struggling, there are people who can help you. Learn More. Get daily updates, kick-ass content, and curated recommendations.

Give mommy your ass

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