Gut feeling relationship wrong

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Go with your gut. Trust your instincts. Find your true north. Regardless of the vernacular, we love to romanticize intuition. What if we ask our intuition for guidance and get nothing, or worse, conflicting answers? Is it as simple as looking inward? How does one begin to decipher something so illogical and yet so crucial?

These questions once consumed me. A little over a year ago, I was debating whether to stay in what felt like a seemingly toxic relationship. Breaking up sounded horrible, but the thought was always there—and a passive-aggressive fight over dishes was enough to send me spiraling.

But this feeling was quieter than anxiety—a low hum of a household dryer as opposed to a shrieking kettle—and thus hard to trust. Over time, it downright tormented me. Intuition became my obsession. I wanted to know whether the voice I was hearing was fear, anxiety, my gut, or something else.

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I talked to my therapist and consulted research-backed articles. I spoke to psychics. I looked for s and read books. I read this MR article.

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I pulled tarot cards, and everything led me back to the same conclusion: My relationship was not working. But this terrified me, and I so badly wanted to prove it wrong, a contradiction of emotions that fueled my anxiety, making it more difficult to take action.

On paper, intuition is delightfully spooky. This complicates things, because heeding intuition is lauded while heeding fear is criticized. So how can you tell the difference? I wondered. From there my quest to understand intuition deepened. I dove headfirst into the science and psychology behind this mysterious feeling.

Luckily, I had plenty to draw upon; gut feelings are having a major moment. Everyone from psychics to scientists have attempted to demystify intuition, and there is considerable interest in intuitive decisions within the worlds of philosophical psychology and entrepreneurship as well. Not only did the study illustrate that intuition increases your accuracy in interpreting an outcome, it also revealed that, similar to using logic or reason, we become better at using our intuition over time.

In his book, The Intuitive CompassCholle discusses how intuition can be used to help companies weather change. He posits that the best way to reintegrate intuition is to have a dialogue with it—to pay attention to our random, seemingly nonsensical hunches that tell us when something is wrong, when to call a friend, or even when to wear a certain outfit. One can strengthen this dialogue by journaling, getting quiet, or finding solitude. Eventually, the gut feeling regarding my relationship became too strong to ignore, and my ex and I Gut feeling relationship wrong went our separate ways.

But once I was out of the relationship, like clockwork, I worried that it had been the wrong decision to leave, and strived to rekindle that sense of knowing that led me to end the relationship in the first place. If anxiety is a shrieking three-year-old, intuition is a hushed grandmother knitting in the corner.

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Apparently not; obsessing over intuition can make it more difficult to distinguish. According to the Association for Psychological Scienceintuitive performance plummets in the midst of anxiety—something especially common before or after one makes a big decision. This explains why it can be harder to hear our intuition during moments of crisis.

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Researchers hypothesize that this may be connected to self-confidence, as feelings of fear, doubt, and anxiety make it harder to trust ourselves. Listening to your intuition ironically goes deeper than simply observing your feelings, because the emotions we have in response to our guts can muddle up the process.

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In my case, I was having fearful reactions to the intuitive thought that ending the relationship was the right thing to do. So how exactly does one tell the difference? In other words, our intuition is steady and rational, while our responses to it might not be. Important decision-making, like debating whether to take a job or call an ex, might also spur anxiety, which can ultimately separate from the calm hum of intuitive thought. In these cases, it might be best to take action and know that intuition will come when and where it needs to.

The words were like a life raft pulling me to a shore where uncertainty was okay. You get an inkling. Graphics by Coco Lashar. By Grace Martinez. By Liana Finck. By Harling Ross. By Paula Skaggs. Search Clear Search.

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Gut feeling relationship wrong

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