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Many people ask for PSOs for a period of One day, few hours during the day, for an event such marriage, function, annual celebration. Hired Security personnel are being requested to provide the finest security for day basis around India. The charges for hiring a Bouncer, PSO or a security personnel is different in every city and higher for late night events.

A PSO cum driver will cost Rs. In case the client requires there dress code can be Coat and suits — Black Color. There is this requirement of Heavy Bouncers and very well built muscular bouncers in India. Most bouncers are heavy and muscular but none are as muscular and bulky as one sees celebrities in movies. They are strong and stand tall throughout the event. Bouncers are the best for functions and events, Personal Security officers are best for VVIP duty or protection during negotiations, meetings held anywhere in India.

As the days increase and as the requirement increases the prices are adjusted to meet the needs of the client and provide appropriate concession to arrive at a mutually agreeable price in most cases of long confirmed duty. Many clients call for bouncers and Personal security officers both to be present for an event. That is possible and holds good Hire bouncer for party most cases. Please also be aware that female bouncers are not sent for far away, unknown places for duty.

Female bouncers are only provided for duty at events held in cities and known places with confirmed return journey. For more information please visit — Denetim Services. Most Bouncers work for events, functions and parties throughout India, some bouncers are employed in gyms and give 12 hour duty everyday starting from early morning. Bouncers mostly make between Rs. Bouncer salaries are based on many factors. The highest paid bouncers have the following characteristics The maximum bouncers can make is through working for a corporate gym somewhere around.

Gyms are the best known for the muscle and built and there is bound to be friction between members at the gym. Hiring a bouncer is helping protect the environment and ensure calmness stays as bouncer handles every complaint and every issue that arises in the gyms. There are ver few trained bouncers who are perfect for the job at the gyms. Denetim Services can scout them from the best.

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Bouncer hire is becoming an important task for most corporates and more people are hiring bouncers in India. Bouncers for hire around Delhi and Mumbai are more expensive than other metropolitans in India. Yet the culture for bouncers is on an increase and as more crime comes into the picture. India is becoming an infested place which has many unsafe elements. These reports, Hire bouncer for party cases are making people hire bouncers for protection, for management and for safety all around India.

Do the math and realise that at least one or more crime must be from an animosity, alcohol madness at a marriage, event or party being held. Delhi is one of the few places that are different from other cities in India, because it has by far the most porous orders and a crime can take ages to catch, to a level that the plaintiff might just give up even before figuring the best way to make a case. Delhi touches two of the most populated states in India, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, these two are enough for Indians to feel ashamed of themselves because of the sheer backwardness, madness and medicval concepts that are still alive.

Women are not respected and treated at par with men, old ancient customs take precedence over others. The whole concept of justice holds a different meaning. They are rough, uneducated unemployed year olds that have no civic sense. These half grown but aged men come to places such as Delhi and are surprised and shocked to see the luxury that life offers.

It is absolutely surprising for them to see how in the same country people have a completely different lifestyle and can live like kings. A small loot will not cause these men any difference and hence comes the crime that takes place during such events and during such parties. Such people are not only hidden in the working class at your home, at your office but are also there at your functions, at your parties, serving, cooking and taking care of the management of the parties. They will never be visible to you during such acts and you will not have the slights apprehension in your mind once you look at them.

The trouble arises late at night when the party or the marriage in reached its last stage and people have started leaving, these silent robbersthieves and house workers will loot anything that will not be noticed by the owners during such events. Bouncers add new pair of eyes, better protection as these bouncers are there just to manage security and ensure there is no theft during Hire bouncer for party marriages or events held at the luxurious world of the owner.

Bouncers have trained eyes and understand the areas, the times they have to check for such gross misconduct and thefts that can happen. Bouncers are not partying and busy attending guests during the party but are roaming around with careful precision and looking around to be watchful of every situation. There is no doubt that one should alway hire a bouncer for parties, specifically farmhouse parties, marriages, specially during the ceremony and should always have bouncers at the gate during protection from entry of unwanted guests.

As time passes and as technology takes over the minds of human beings, more and more young male adults will be spotted roaming around for jobs, for marriage and for a better life. As scientists become better equipped and better informed about the foods, drugs and steroids that can change the human body to look like a huge tractor that walks like an Egyptian.

More and more Idle men will change gears from agricultural ancestral work to bodybuilding, gym oriented, heavy flexed muscle work all around towns. The shine and the beauty of becoming a wrestler is something that have torched almost very mind that grows in Delhi. Becoming a bouncer is like becoming a filmstar and it has become very easy to be a bouncer. Getting a bouncer job is the tougher part, takes more effort, corporatization, behaviour management and educational qualifications.

To built a fake, huge body is extremely easy now, just pop in some pills, lift unbelievable weights and job done. Look like a ninja turtle on the streets, have beer everyday and run around the city with yo yo honey singh. One needs nothing, but the scenario is changing and that is affecting how people want their bouncers to be. People want their bouncers to look smarter, act smarter and behave impressively.

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For fulfilment of such requirements bouncers will have to re-live their childhood, re-educate themselves and them train their bodies for muscle development. Bouncers are no more just war controlling, gate protecting security machines dressed in white, Bouncers have become administrative and are supposed to handle complicated unseen situations with ease and sophistication. People will pay the price if they get what they want. To become a bouncer one needs to have the following traits Bouncers no longer just stand at gates and entrances to protect people and restrict entry of unwanted guests.

Bouncers have been employed, hired for jobs that are varied Hire bouncer for party require grey cells in good quantity. The best bouncers are doing many jobs such as. A Good pay bouncer job can be anything from Rs. Bouncer jobs are plenty but the supply of the selected is limited and the client is not compromising on such selection. Clients are using bouncers for meetings, arbitrations and hiring them permanently for jobs at their shops and offices.

Best Bouncers have experience of at least 5 years in major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata,Gurgaon, Noida and have a place of residence is such cities. Good Bouncers are educated and well behaved and do not enter into any arguments, fights that can only aggravate the situation further, the job and the responsibility of a bouncer is to protect and act as a wall at all times. Denetim Services hires the best bouncers and guarantees high pay with good work experience to anyone interested in knowing how things are supposed to be in a professional security environment.

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Every bouncer is selected after thorough checking of a checklist and has to be verified in detail to ensure that Denetim has hired the correct bouncer. For more details visit Denetim Services. People often call for bouncer protection at events, parties and various movements around the respective city such Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Shimla, Pune etc. There are many kind of bouncers available for hire and the prices vary accordingly from Rs. A days duty is generally for only 10 hours and any time above that is considered overtime and chargeable at the rate of Rs.

In case the bouncer is required outside the city of the company the client needs to pay for travel and accommodation during the period of security provision. Bouncers have to have alt east years of experience before a client should accept utilisation of its services.

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Every bouncer must have worked in city security and must have attended events all around the country to have a basic experience. Most bouncers are not very tall and have certain body bulge that immediately helps one recognise them as bouncers in India. Bouncers are always wearing black shirts and black pants and we have never seen them in general clothes.

We have to find bouncers that live in the city and not recruit bouncers that work outside the city in nearby villages. Even though majority of bouncers is coming from the villages and this is where the danger begins. Bouncers are uneducated, some have a under graduation and some have parents from Army background. Education is important for having respect and managing important security issues of city dwellers.

The difference is opinion between city people and villagers is ever increasing and causing major rifts in the system. Men from villages do not accept the attitudes of International traveled new age women of India. Many times these village bouncers are not upto the mark and are cause of Hire bouncer for party for the event organiser or the pub, restaurant owner. Therefore it is important that one hires trained city bouncers. Bouncers that have lived in the city and have an address to connect it too.

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Todays world it is not difficult to find bouncers that have an excellent built. With the proliferation of new products such as protein supplants, steroids and what not, almost anyone is able to built an extremely heavy body,however, bouncers with plastic bodies are easily recognisable and are not smart enough o handle situations. Such bouncers are more of a show at an entrance of a party that of any use for managing the security at an event. It has become a challenging exercise to hire quality bouncers and therefore one should conduct a complete market survey before finalising the bouncer company to be hired for the event, party, function or general security.

There are more than bouncer companies in metropolitans of India — highest in Delhi, followed by Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Kolkatta. More than companies out of Hire bouncer for party bouncer companies of India are not registered, do not pay tax, neither are they registered as a company anywhere in India. The concept of TDS, Service tax and other such payments in alien to them. Bouncer companies have a name, wordpress site or a blog and a mobile to start and run a successful yet unsafe bouncer business.

The selection process of these companies is also Hire bouncer for party simple and straightforward — Heavy and well built is enough to be recruited and stand in bouncer duty anywhere in India. Nobody checks, nobody verifies, nobody takes guarantee of the safety of women during provision of security in any event or function that bouncers are to protect. Bouncers rather than being the sole protectors of people, property and belongings are the biggest threat.

Not even one bouncer can be trusted with anything precious. In case of any emergency these bouncers will run and they will be found nowhere. The threats are many, eve teasing, thefts, fights with the bouncers, brawl between two parties which le to hot headed bouncers getting included. The bouncers are not there to protect but to earn money and have beer at night.

This is the primary problem with the method with which the bouncers are working in India. Very few companies have rules and regulations for providing quality bouncers for duty in any situation and any requirement. Bouncers with best training are available but they will cost a little more than the average market rate.

The demand side of the security also create issues that require changes, the hiring companies wants bouncers at the cheapest rate, rates that belong to the last decade. In such cases, bouncer companies find the cheapest and the least trained men, get them dressed as bouncers and set them up at gate dutystage protection or any other important duty required by the hiring company.

These are the situations that could be easily managed and handles in case the hiring party behaved in a professional manner and paid professional rates for hiring bouncers from qua pity companies in Delhi, Mumbai and ithe such states. There is quality and it is available at a cost that can be easily afforded by the people who require such bouncers.

Hire bouncer for party

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