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Added: Camille Nail - Date: Staff are recruited and selected to assure that students grow and meet their full potential in district programs. Staff are highly effective, and have the necessary skills and experience to meet the learning needs of all students. The district works with teacher preparation programs, communicating the teaching skills, competencies, and experiences it considers of primary importance in its staff, and providing field experiences deed to train teachers to be able to improve student learning.

New positions are established by the board as needed. Positions are created within budget parameters, and legal requirements. The filling of individual positions is done with consideration to salary issues, budget parameters, and legal requirements. Current and projected staff needs provide the basis for staff recruitment and selection. Compare building projections with long-range district projections using the cohort survival ratio. Establish staffing needs using the lowest projections. Identify returning staff members, including returns from leave of absence and excluding retirees. Identify openings, recognizing the new requirements, goals and priorities of the district and including possible co-curricular asment needs.

Review voluntary transfer requests in relation to the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement. Identify possible involuntary transfers in relation to provisions of the collective bargaining agreement. Review affirmative action plan and goals.

Develop job description for each necessary position, including salary range. Develop job announcement using information from job description; experience, preparation, salary range and other related information. List vacancies with intention to Housewives looking real sex Raymond Washington potential applicants from protected employment groups in order to achieve affirmative action goals. Identify screening and interviewing team with alternates prior to announcing the vacancy. Review criteria for screening. Compile a screening summary report for each candidate to be considered, including specific reasons for eliminating candidates.

Select candidates to be interviewed. Note: Findings should be stated on the screening summary report for each candidate that was considered. Notify rejected applicants.

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What other kinds of training or schooling have you received? In what ways do you feel your training will help you in performing this job? What did you find challenging about your asment? Were you drafted? Where were you stationed? What type of discharge did you receive from the United States military service? Tell me about your last job and your major responsibilities. What were some of the more challenging aspects of your job? Describe the training you received on your last job.

In what ways do you feel your employment will help you in performing this job? Which of your past jobs did you enjoy the most? What were your reasons for leaving your last job? May we contact your present employer?

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Why have you had so many jobs? Why are you coming back to work after so many years? Ask prepared list of job-related questions. Contact any personal acquaintances who would know about the qualifications of the candidate. Rate the candidate on a scale for the response to each question.

The district will recruit, select and employ the best-qualified individuals as employees. A retired employee will only be rehired pursuant to this district policy. The annual threshold for TRS Plan 1 retirees is calculated per fiscal year. All other plans are calculated per calendar year.

Qualified hours are determined by whether the retiree works in an eligible position as defined by RCW The board of directors will approve a process for recruitment and selection of employees, including those vacancies for which a retiree applicant may be considered; B.

Applicant s will be evaluated and considered equally, selecting the candidate who best meets the needs of the district; C. There will be no prearranged employment agreement or commitment to rehire an employee after retirement. Housewives looking real sex Raymond Washington inquiries about post-retirement employment do not constitute an agreement; D. Employment will be limited to a maximum of a one-year, non-continuing contract or appointment; E. Subject to any applicable bargaining agreements, vacancies filled by retirees will be annually reviewed by the board to determine whether the retiree will be rehired for another year of employment; F.

The district will provide the retiree with the same terms and conditions of employment as other appointees or employees in comparable positions with the exception of sick-leave cash-out; and G. The district will report the of hours worked by the retiree to DRS. Retired applicants will disclose to the district whether they are retired from a Washington state retirement plan.

Retirees are subject to the same collective bargaining membership as other one-year temporary employees. Retirees are responsible for tracking service hours during post-retirement employment among multiple employers. Legal References: Chapter The board has the legal responsibility of employing all staff. Prior to final action by the board, a prospective staff member will present necessary documents which establish eligibility to work as required by federal immigration law. Pursuant to state law, the district will require that every prospective staff member a release form allowing the district to contact school employers regarding prior acts of sexual misconduct.

The applicant is not prohibited from employment in Washington State if the laws or policies of another state prohibit disclosure of this information or if the out-of-state district denies the request. For purposes of this policy, unsupervised means not in the presence of another employee or volunteer and working with children under sixteen years of age or developmentally disabled persons.

The disclosure will be made in writing and ed by the applicant and sworn to under penalty of perjury. The disclosure sheet will specify all crimes committed against persons. Prospective staff members and volunteers, who will have regularly scheduled unsupervised access to children, will have their records checked through the Washington State Patrol criminal identification system and through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The record check will include a fingerprint check using a complete Washington state criminal identification fingerprint card. Staff and volunteers without unsupervised access to children will undergo a name and birth date background check with the Washington State Patrol. If a volunteer has undergone a criminal record check in the last two years for another entity, the district will request a copy from the volunteer, or have the volunteer a release permitting the entity for whom the check was conducted to provide a copy to the district.

New hires shall be employed on a conditional basis pending the outcome of the background check and may begin conditional employment once completed fingerprint cards have been sent to the Washington State Patrol. If the background check reveals evidence of convictions, the candidate may not be recommended for employment, or if conditionally employed, may be terminated.

Fingerprint record information is highly confidential and will not be re-disseminated to any organization or individual by Housewives looking real sex Raymond Washington 98577 staff. Records of arrest and prosecution RAP sheets will be stored in a secure location separate from personnel and applicant files and access to this information is limited to those authorized to access the SPI record check database. The district will require that certificated staff hold a Washington state certificate, with proper endorsement if required for that certificate and unless eligible for out-of-endorsement asmentor such other documentation as may be required by the professional educator standards board with respect to alternative route programs, for the role and responsibilities for which they are employed.

Failure to meet this requirement will be just and sufficient Housewives looking real sex Raymond Washington 98577 for termination of employment. State law requires that the initial application for certification will require a background check of the applicant through the Washington State Patrol criminal identification system and Federal Bureau of Investigation. All certificated staff members are required to maintain their certification in accordance with state and federal requirements.

Classified staff who are engaged to serve less than twelve 12 months, will be advised of their employment status for the ensuing school year prior to the close of the school year. All staff members selected for employment will be recommended by the superintendent. Staff members must receive an affirmative vote from a majority of all members of the board. In the event an authorized position must be filled before the board can take action, the superintendent has the authority to fill the position with a temporary employee who will receive the same salary and benefits as a permanent staff member.

Legal References: RCW 9. Staff members shall not engage in unprofessional conduct including:. Crime against the state or involving the physical neglect of children. Misrepresentation or falsification in the course of professional practice. Possession, use or consumption or being under the influence of alcohol or of a controlled substance on school premises or at a school-sponsored activity involving students.

Disregard Housewives looking real sex Raymond Washington abandonment of generally recognized professional standards. Illegal furnishing of alcohol or a controlled substance to a student, including marijua. Unprofessional conduct shall not include matters such as insubordination, violation of the collective bargaining agreement or other employment-related acts correctable by the district or other civil remedies.

If the district is considering action to discharge a staff member, the superintendent need not file such complaint until ten calendar days after making the final decision to serve or not serve formal notice of discharge. Such written complaint shall state the grounds for revocation and summarize the factual basis upon which a determination has been made that an investigation by the superintendent of public instruction is warranted.

The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall provide the affected certificate holder with a copy of such written complaint. A staff member may voluntarily surrender his or her certificate. The district will provide equal employment opportunity and treatment for all applicants and staff in recruitment, hiring, retention, asment, transfer, promotion and training.

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Such equal employment opportunity will be provided without discrimination with respect to race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, honorably-discharged veteran or military status, sex, sexual orientation including gender expression or identity, marital status, the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability. The district, as a recipient of public funds, is committed to undertake affirmative action which will make effective equal employment opportunities for staff and applicants for employment.

Such affirmative action will include a review of programs, the setting of goals and the implementation of corrective employment procedures to increase the ratio of aged, persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities, women, and Vietnam veterans who are under-represented in the job classifications in relationship to the availability of such persons having requisite qualifications.

Affirmative action plans may not include hiring or employment preferences based on gender or race, including color, ethnicity or national origin. Such affirmative action will also include recruitment, selection, training, education and other programs. The superintendent will develop an affirmative action plan which specifies the personnel procedures to be followed by the staff of the district and will ensure that no such procedures discriminate against any individual. Reasonable steps will be taken to promote employment opportunities of those classes that are recognized as protected groups — aged, persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities and women and Vietnam veterans, although under state law, racial minorities, and women may not be treated preferentially in public employment.

This policy, as well as the affirmative action plan, regulations and procedures developed according to it, will be disseminated widely to staff in all classifications and to all interested patrons and organizations. Progress toward the goals established under this policy will be reported annually to the board.

Housewives looking real sex Raymond Washington 98577

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