How to cope with loving a married man

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The bad news? The good news? You can choose an alternate path of romantic happiness, and free yourself from this potentially toxic and perhaps addictive romance. You want to be the only woman! That way, you can clarify why you got into this situation, and more importantly, make better dating decisions going forward. Seeing a married man comes with a lot of sacrifices. For example, are you missing out on being able to plan a certain future? Do you only get to spend time with him whenever is convenient for him i.

Identifying all of these things can be an important reality check. Another thing to take into is the fact that having to hide your relationship is exhausting. This relationship can affect more than just you and him. So, take a moment to really take stock of any potentially harmful consequences that continuing your affair could have on yourself and others. For one, if your married man does actually leave his wife, how will you cope with the inevitable guilt of breaking up that relationship?

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Will you ever be able to forgive yourself? It shows a lack of maturity, and ability to take responsibility.

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Those are traits that could end up coming back to bite you if you continue to date him. Right now, he has no reason to leave his wife to start a life with you — he can have both. And why should he get his cake and eat it, too? If it helps, you may want to jot down a few points you want to make so you can stick to your guns rather than getting sucked back in. Then, schedule a time to call him on the phone or FaceTime, and keep it short and simple.

Seeing him in person may make it more difficult to go through with your decision, especially if your relationship has been primarily a physical one that revolves around sex. The tough part is over, so your only job at this point is to have fun.

So, go ahead and download a few apps, seek out a professional matchmaker, or challenge yourself to chat up that cute guy at your gym or the coffee shop. The world is truly your oyster. If you need help to stop dating a married man, or just want to get back out there, our matchmaker, Susan Trombetti, can turn your dating life around today! Congratulations on taking the first step to getting your needs met finally!

info exclusivematchmaking. Dating A Married Man? Next. Step 3: Evaluate about the potential consequences of your actions. Step 4: End it. Step 5: Enlist a friend to hold you able. Step 6: Actively meet other people.

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How to cope with loving a married man

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