How to stop being a perfectionist in relationships

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Most people strive to do their best. Our culture encourages us to strive for our absolute best. But when does striving for achievement become perfectionism? Perfectionist tendencies are the combination of wanting to do our best, while simultaneously feeling like we never actually do. Having high standards and wanting to pursue excellence can be helpful qualities. Without them, one could argue, everyone and everything would stay mediocre. But this is different from perfectionism, which is less about an excellent result, and more hyperfocused on not making any mistakes or having flaws.

But sometimes, these good and normal intentions can become a pattern of tendencies that actually end up causing us more harm that good. Well, you might be a perfectionist if the following sounds familiar…. Thoughts of failure and inadequacy are a hallmark symptom of perfectionism. Even if it's something you do all the time, you're worried every time that you'll mess it up.

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This fear can have two very adverse effects. Thus, causing self-esteem issues and furthering your feelings of inadequacy. Secondly, your fear may keep you from performing the task altogether. Seems like a no-win situation, especially when the task is something you really need to do! We all seek a certain amount of control in a relationship, but perfectionists tend to take criticism to the next level.

Pay attention to your comments about your partner. Do you often comment on their driving? The way they dress? Do you give unwarranted advice about their work or school? This approach can create severe issues in a relationship if a partner always feels criticized or controlled.

For example, maybe you had a conversation with your coworker, and you put your foot in your mouth. But you feel embarrassed or maybe even angry at yourself for the slip-up. While we all have this happen occasionally, a perfectionist can struggle after every interaction, going over the conversation again and again. They might use this minor interaction as a reason for all the other negative things in their life. We have to be able to give ourselves space to be human, which does mean we sometimes make mistakes. Its common that these high standards can be seen in multiple areas of life, like professionally and personally.

You got an A on a test? Your team did a great job on a presentation at work? A perfectionist can always find reasons to turn an achievement into a failure. You might even downplay your own achievements, contributing to impostor syndrome.

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This mindset quickly creates internal and interpersonal conflicts. Over time, this can be seen in a history of unsatisfying relationships or long term mood fluctuations like anxiety and depression.

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Furthermore, perfectionists may eventually isolate themselves from others as to not inflict their standards on them. It can become incredibly lonely and draining. If you feel like any of the above symptoms apply to you, you may very well be a perfectionist. A therapist can help you recognize areas of your life that are controlled by perfectionism, and how you can make changes and see things in a different life.

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How to stop being a perfectionist in relationships

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Perfectionism May Be Sabotaging Your Relationship