Inductive timing light hook up

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Post Reply. Since I posted this Scott Novak pointed out that you have to point the arrow on the inductive pickup towards 1 spark plug. I use the ALT to make my connections rather than the battery, because the le are too short. Where the case halves go together, is where you align the timing marks. I will take a couple better pic and post them and edit this post. Hot, humid air is less dense than cooler, drier air.

This can allow a golf ball to fly through the air with greater ease, as there won't be as much resistance on the ball. Quote Post by david58 » Thu Apr 24, am Here is a Vid of checking the timing with the degree pulley marked at zero and the adjustable timing light set at 31 degrees. Now if you don't have an adjustable timing light you need to mark the degree pulley at 28 to 32 degrees to check the timing, but follow the same steps. Quote Post by Bugfuel » Thu Apr 24, pm I may still have a battery operated timing gun stashed away overseas in my toolbag I loved the thing, the only wire to connect is the inductive plug lead hookup.

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The gun itself was self-powered with two flahslight batteries. One of the best things about it was that it worked just as bright on 6V systems All you need is spark. For we average dub folks. What is the "inductive lead". Do we tap into one of the spark plug wires. Quote Post by bugman » Fri Apr 25, am you don't tap into it it.

The one on the left is not one to recommend. This is the type Tim is referring to. It hooks up between the spark plug and the spark plug wire. Pretty much old Skool. I just keep it in my tool box. The one in the center is the one I use, and recommend it because it has a Digital Display, no room for error. The one on the right is a Manuel adjustable type. You can see the degree advancement knob. Quote Post by david58 » Fri Apr 25, am Here are closeup views of the le.

Inductive timing light hook up

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