Inspirational bible quotes for children

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What better way can you find than to use short Bible verses for kids to memorize?

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They can be encouraging Bible verses or Easter Bible verses. But teaching these daily Bible verses for preschoolers and toddlers is essential so they grow up right and Christian. He who has his quiver filled with them is a joyous man! Your hands fashioned and made me while giving me the understanding to follow and learn your commandments. I have carried and cared for you from before you were born. You Lord saw my unformed body and all my ordained days which were written in your book, even before any of them came to be. They are ornaments like a graceful flower garland on your head and a pendant around your neck.

Children, always obey your parents because it is right and you belong to Our Lord. You will have a long life and all things will go well for you.

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Oh sons, hear me! You are blessed when you keep my ways. Be wise, hear my instruction and never neglect it.

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But you must be faithful to all the things your parents taught you. You know you can trust them and what they say is true. They have taught you the Holy Scriptures from childhood, and hence you have the wisdom to receive salvation by trusting Our Lord Jesus Christ. Be an example for believers in your conduct, speech, faith, love, and purity. Truly I tell all of you, if you do not receive the kingdom of God as a little child does, you will never enter His Heavenly Kingdom. Then He took the children, held them in His arms and blessed them by placing His hands on them.

Whoever receives me also receives God who has sent me. The little ones who are considered the least are great among you all. If you start children off with faith and trust in the Inspirational bible quotes for children ways, they will not turn from this path when they are older. And these commandments shall be written in your hearts. Teach your children my commandments diligently, talking of them when you are at home, when you walk, sleep and wake up. The Biblical verses help us to explain from where children come and how beautiful kids are.

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Inspirational bible quotes for children

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Bible Verses for Kids