Is christ god

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Some say Jesus Christ was just a man, or maybe a great teacher. But He was and is much more than that. The Bible says Jesus Is christ god unique in both His person and His purpose. Yes, He was fully man, but He was also fully God Colossians Jesus claimed to be God. We do know that Jesus said He existed before Abraham John Not only did He claim to be God, but He also claimed to have the power of God. He said He has the authority to judge the nations Matthew He claims the authority to raise people from the dead John and to forgive sins Mark —things only God can do 1 Samuel ; Isaiah Further, Jesus says He has the power to answer prayers Johnand that He will be with His followers always Matthew And He has left a lot of evidence that He is God.

That evidence includes fulfilled prophecy and recorded miracles in which Jesus reversed the laws of nature. He also lived a sinless life Hebrewssomething no one else has done.

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The ultimate proof of His divinity, however, was His resurrection from the dead after His death on the cross. No one else has ever risen from the dead on his own.

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Many people who believe in one God would think the person is blaspheming. Yet, He did give us reasons to believe such a claim without using these words. The good news is that Jesus told us He is God in many different ways!

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Followers of Jesus believe in one God in three persons. Each has a separate function—and yet they are all united as one God. Have you ever thought of some of the things we see around us that are both three—and yet also one? Centuries ago, St. Patrick used a clover leaf to teach the Irish about this—it has three leaves, and yet is still only one leaf.

Or think of water. There is one way to heaven, one way to be free from your sin and to have a relationship with God. God has never had a Is christ god. Unlike us, Jesus was not conceived by two earthly parents; He was born of a virgin through a miraculous work of God. He was born holy, without sin. Luke —yet God is all-powerful and made a way for the holy Jesus to be born a human. Jesus was both fully God and fully human.

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It is also ificant that the most thorough Gospel of the virgin birth was written by Luke, a medical doctor. If anyone knew the impossibility of a virgin birth, it was Luke—yet, after careful research, he concluded that it was a fact.

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The God who was powerful enough to create the universe was also powerful enough to bring Jesus into the world without a human father. His miraculous birth is just one more testament to His deity. The consequence of sin is death Romans That means eternal separation from God. But because Jesus lived a sinless life, His death on the cross provided the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

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Because He defeated death by Is christ god again, we can have eternal life in the presence of God when we put our trust in Him. Learn more. Hundreds of people saw and believed in the risen Christ after His death and resurrection, and countless people in the past 2, years have discovered that only Jesus can meet the deepest longings and needs of the human heart.

Not only do we have many reasons to believe that the text of the Bible is true, but many will find that reading the Bible allows God to speak to them—perhaps not audibly, but through His words. While there are different translations of the Bible, the same core message is the same—that God loves us and freely offers us eternal life if we accept Jesus as our Savior.

Different translations exist in an effort to make the Bible understandable to various audiences; however, the major doctrines—and the person of Jesus Christ—remain the same. Related Articles. Is Jesus God? The claims Jesus claimed to be God. Does that mean there are multiple gods?

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Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven?

Is christ god

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Is Jesus God or Just a Good Man?