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d practical and d vocational nurse LPN or LVN jobs are actually the same role, despite the slight difference in name. The job involves a variety of daily tasks, ranging from dressing wounds to feeding infants. Most LPNs are trained to work in all aspects of healthcare, but there are some who specialize in certain areas. In This Article.

Areas of Specialty Salary Education. The crux of the job is to provide Lpn lvn job description nursing care to patients while working under the supervision of a registered nurse RN or doctor. Working as an LPN is a great way to get a feel for the healthcare field, according to Michelle Paul, an RN and content specialist with staffing agency Clipboard Health.

In almost all settings, there are some general tasks that tend to fall to LPNs. Daily work often includes:. Get information about their current condition, as well as their medical histories. In some cases, you might also take their weight. Reviewing medical records and recording new information. Administering medications and treatments. Monitoring patients after treatments or medications. Giving immunizations and other injections.

Depending on where you work, you might also give tuberculosis TB tests and read the. Drawing blood for labs.

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Preparing IVs. Giving oxygen and other breathing treatments. You might also give treatments, such as nebulizer treatments, to help their breathing. Taking inventory of supplies. Handling phone calls. Other tasks will be specific to your workplace. For example, LPNs working at a skilled nursing facility will likely also supervise certified nursing assistants CNAswhile LPNs working at a hospital will likely help patients get ready for discharge. Your state will also regulate what tasks you can take on. This is called your scope of practice. Your LPN education program will prepare you for tasks that fall under the scope of practice in your state.

Hospitals are also a great setting if you want to gain knowledge and take on advanced duties. Nursing facilities.

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Home healthcare services. Home healthcare is a growing field with a lot of opportunities for LPNs. Travel nursing. Travel nursing is a great way to explore. If you want to see the country while you work, travel nursing might be right for you. Average Salary. Assessing patients, educating patients and families, performing treatments and care, creating patient care plans.

Assisting with patient care, helping patients with daily activities like bathing and dressing, taking vital s. Source: U. Popular specialties for LPNs include:. For example, if you want to work in a skilled nursing facility, it might help to specialize in gerontology or long-term care. Your earnings as an LPN will depend on many factors, including your experience, education, and location. Factors like specialization and certification can also increase your earnings.

Most programs last about a year and are offered in a variety of educational settings, including:. Depending on your particular program, you might be able to take classes Lpn lvn job description. Most LPN programs will blend classroom learning with training in clinical settings. This might include things like submitting a criminal background check to the state. Plus, your credits might night not transfer if you want to earn your RN down the road.

These programs build on the knowledge and skills you already have. Many are offered part time, allowing you to continue working while you earn your degree.

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Stephanie Behring. Home » d Practical Nurse » Duties. Is this helpful? Yes No. Interviewing patients. Taking patient vital s. Degree or Training Needed. One-year certification or degree.

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Completion of a one- to four-month training program. Interviewing patients, giving medications, starting IVs, giving injections, monitoring patients. Written and reported by: Stephanie Behring Contributing Writer.

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Role of the d Vocational/Practical Nurse on the Rehabilitation Team