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Knowledgable and friendy staff! Had an interesting time cruising the isles. I've got to be honest and say that when I used to work here the nights were poppin with customers just about every night. Nowadays the store at night is like a graveyard.

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Business I would imagine is not all that good. Due to the decline of DVD and VHS sales and rentals due to the faster and more anonymous internet they have decided to sale on adult toys and lingerie. That's great if you ask me but when you ask for 20 to 30 dollars more than the competition on an item you're only asking for people to shop around.

The re-inclusion of the video previewing booths may have been a mistake as most booths don't get a constant cleaning and has a stagnant smell of sex. Also with opening the booths has brought more of the "seedy" element of customers looking to "prey" upon first time curious customers.

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Sticking with keeping tabs on internet sales and local competition prices and be more agressive with sales along with the removal of the booths I think would restore this establishment to its greater prestige Amazing Staff!! The boutique has a lot of items and is very appealing, but the customer service is non existent. We purchase an item that when it was tested, they had a hard time getting it to work, but it finally did so we purchased it. Took said item home with great expectation but when we tried to use it, it failed so we put it back in its container.

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Two days later, we return to the store and explained the failure of the item, but were told that there was not return or exchange on such item. We have purchased similar items with issues at other local store, but the store stood behind their product.

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Luv boutique hartford ct

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Luv Boutique of Hartford, CT