Men who avoid relationships

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Enter single male Reddit users, a web-native group whose anonymity can lend itself to keeping it real.

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Rather, they remain alone because they find themselves deficient in one or more areas — and unable to otherwise compensate. Researchers at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus recently examined nearly 6, responses to a Reddit post that asked men why they were single, hoping to better understand why so many men remain bachelors.

The researchers found 43 major reasons for staying single, with undesirable physical and personality traits leading the pack.

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Lacking confidence was also frequently mentioned, as was possessing poor social skills. Other common reasons for staying single included lack of opportunity, having too high of standards, sexual problems, addiction issues, and suffering from physical or mental disability.

As for why these issues are issues today, but may not have been in the past, Apostolou points to the demands of the modern dating marketplace. In other words, choice in marriage has a downside for many modern men — to get hitched, they have to be attractive, well-rounded gentleman.

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This means not only looking dapper, but knowing how to flirt, make a good first impression, and show proper etiquette. Apostolou et al.

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Men who avoid relationships

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