New to South Portland tx looking for 420 friends

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Hey, Seeker! We are dishing out travel inspiration, hand picked for you. our growing community. Politics in the 20th century led to the criminalization of weed around the world, but lucky for us, that legal status is quickly changing. As countries move toward legalization, cannabis as an industry is blowing the eff up.

Weed dispensaries, weed festivals, weed trips, weed hotels— the options for getting lit when you travel are pretty much endless. While more and more folks are getting their hands on the good green, the rules, regulations and laws remain super hazy. Can you travel with weed? Across state lines? On a plane? How do you purchase it legally? What are the best places for weed vacations? Are there weed…parties??? InCanada made headlines when they became the second country in the world after Uruguay to fully legalize and regulate marijuana nationwide.

Wondering if weed is legal in your country or state? For up-to-date info, view this map of Cannabis legality by state. For up-to-date info, view this map of Cannabis legality by country. Still confused? Here are a few questions and answers!

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Yes, but in your carry-on bag only. Yes, generally, you can fly with medical marijuana in both your carry-on and checked bags in the U. S with some restrictions. Marijuana and some cannabis-infused products CBD oilare still illegal under federal law unless the products contain no more than 0. If caught with more, TSA is well within its rights to report violations to local, state or federal authorities.

Not yet. Marijuana is still an illegal drug under federal law. Bringing legally purchased pot past a security checkpoint can still get you in big trouble. While still illegal if purchased for recreational use, if you want to get on a plane with weed, flying with edibles may be the easiest way to go. Store all edibles in your carry-on and remove all of the original packaging for the best chance of making it through TSA safely. It depends on the airport. Airports in states where recreational use is legal typically ask you to dump your marijuana in an amnesty box or toss it in the trash.

If medical and within legal limit, most officers will let you through security as normal. Worst case scenario? Because weed is illegal under federal law, you could be arrested. Remember: TSA offers are there to keep you safe not bust you for drugs! Always be courteous and do as instructed.

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It took the rest of the world a few years to catch up, but today, dispensaries — or weed shops—are popping up like crazy around the world. Medical cannabis dispensaries provide patients with a secure location purchase medically prescribed cannabis to sooth and treat ailments. Medical dispensaries are usually regulated and taxed differently than recreational cannabis dispensaries, so prices may very between the two.

Unlike medical dispensaries, recreational dispensaries are available for people without a prescription from a doctor.

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It may be illegal to smoke inside most public spaces around the world, but hotels, hostels and resorts have found plenty of ways to skirt the law in favor of a good time. From mini-bars filled with edibles at The Standard in LA to weed welcome kits at the Jupiter in Portland and wake-n-bake samplers every morning at Adagio in Denver, weed stays are popping up all over the place.

Pro tip: Cannabis-centric sites like Bud and Breakfast and Cannabis Hotels offer databases of listings for weed-minded travelers. But what about cannabis clubs? The first cannabis club popped up in Barcelona in as a way to legally obtain and consume weed in the city.

While recreational weed is still illegal in Spain, clubs are able to exist on a technicality: Consumption and cultivation by adults in a private space is totally legal.

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Cannabis clubs are members-only spaces and work just like a dispensary. The only catch is that all goods need to be consumed inside the club. CBD—or cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis—is pretty much everywhere these days, with users claiming it boosts health, eases pain, and has all the soothing benefits of weed without the high.

From CBD hydrotherapy, massages and facials to lotions, oils and scrubs, there a endless of ways to heal your body and mind while on vacay. Try a cannabis tour! Festival organizers pull off throwing events in states and countries where cannabis is still illegal via the Temporary Autonomous Zone principle—creating temporary spaces that elude formal structures of control. Today, cannabis festivals attract hundreds of thousands of attendees around the world with live music, classes, demos, and more.

Get early access. Cannabis Travel Guide. Where is weed legal? Weed Legalization Map — US. Weed Legalization Map — By Country. Can I fly with a vape pen or e-cigarette? Can I fly with medical marijuana? Can I fly with recreational weed? Can I fly with edibles? What happens if you get caught with cannabis at the airport? Dispensary 33, Chicago.

Barbary Coast. C A F E, Toronto. The Bulldog Hotel. Jupiter Hotel Portland.

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Cannabis Cafe. Grey Area Coffeeshop. Traveling DAB. My Tours. Colorado Cannabis Tours. National Cannabis Festival D. Cannafest Prague. Cannabis Cup Worldwide. You might like Bucket List. Bucket List. Canada North America. Asia South Korea.

New to South Portland tx looking for 420 friends

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