Only you depeche mode

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This is the 87th post in a weekly series. Read about it here and see the list of songs here. A new post about a different song is posted each Monday. You can listen to the songs in a Spotify playlist. Clarke, unsure if he still had a record deal, had wanted to impress the record label and give them sense who he was without Depeche Mode. She was hoping to attract blues musiciansbut she only got one response: Clarke. Moyet and Clarke had never met, but they had some acquaintances in common.

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She and Clarke recorded the demo, and not long after, they learned the label not only wanted to release it as a single, but to have Moyet and Clarke record an album. In the US, it only reached Clarke and Moyet parted ways soon after its release. They have each said that they felt overwhelmed by the quick progression from the Melody Maker ad to recording the album.

They never gave themselves the chance to get to know each other, such that they had no way to handle the tensions that arose in their professional relationship. In a interview with The Independent, Moyet said :. We never spoke about anything other than recording — nothing. It was really weird — almost like an arranged marriage. It was frustrating because I knew that he would like me if only he was open to it.

He was, I think, sad at the time after leaving Depeche and remote, a bit angry, but it was all internalized.

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Whereas I was this disaffected, slightly aggressive ex-punk rocker where nothing was internalized. I was probably quite difficult to be around. It spent 12 weeks on the chart, five of which were at 1. And one of those weeks was the week of Christmas, making it the prized Christmas 1 of Of course you could. It might not hold up as the best version of the song, but I will gladly listen to Collins perform any song. It was only long, the first 20 seconds of which were someone singing the tune of the song over the sound of pouring rain.

The guitars and drums then kicked in, giving Kapitulation B. The thumping Eurodance bass would be too distracting in any other context. Throughout the song, I expected it to speed up and get loud, but it never did. And I prefer it that way. But as weird of a choice as that might have been for Gomez, her version resonated with at least one fan. It also made sense to me that a smaller of the covers came from American artists, as neither the song nor the band had as big an Only you depeche mode in the US.

But just is notable is the fact that there were covers modeled after the versions by Gomez and Radin. That any of these covers would appear on Christmas albums still baffles me, because the song has nothing to do with Christmas. You can listen to these songs and ly discussed cover songs in a Spotify playlist. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook .

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Only you depeche mode

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“Only You”: Cover Songs Uncovered