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In fact, there are those who enjoy receiving a blowjob more than the act of penetrative sex. The truth is, a blowjob can be whatever you want it to be — assuming your partner is willing to go there as well, that is. To help you pinpoint that maximum pleasure potential, we spoke with three different sex experts to bring you a guide to the best blowjob positions. If you know about blowjobs from watching pornyou might have a relatively limited understanding of how many different positions blowjobs can come in.

In mainstream pornography, nearly every blowjob has the person receiving while standing up and the blowjob giver kneeling. But the only real limit to what a blowjob can look like is your imagination and what your bodies can pull off.

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Being on top during a 69 can indicate a level of power. To change the dynamics of a blowjob, try changing the position. As blowjobs are a much less active form of sex compared to penetration, guys who like to be in control during sex might have difficulty properly enjoying them. Some partners will appreciate it if you put some gentle pressure on their Oral sex positions illustrated to guide their speed, rhythm and depth, while others would prefer that they maintain control. A more extreme way to do this? This could be done in a of different ways: standing, with your partner kneeling in front of you, kneeling, with your partner crouching down in front of you or with your partner lying on their back, while you kneel around their shoulders.

Hold the side of their neck or face as you penetrate their mouth. If you enjoy erotic choking or breath play, discuss this before you squeeze their neck or block their nose during this position. This position mimics the act of penetrative vaginal or anal sex and leaves the rest of their body open to your touch and attention. Here, someone kneels down next to the guy at a roughly degree angle, allowing him to reach back and stimulate them manually while receiving the blowjob.

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It also means you can watch the blowjob happen, which is harder if not impossible to do during a Sometimes, the best blowjobs take place in public or semi-public situations. Another option could have both of you sitting, particularly useful in a car or a movie theater. Better yet, stand next to the bed or a chair so your partner can sit down and use both their hands and mouth.

A great option for that situation is a classic: the blowjob receiver lies on his back with his partner between his legs.

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The Oral Sex Position Guide: 69 Wild Positions for Amazing Oral Pleasure Every Which Way