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Now, any good general will tell you every battle requires a sound strategy.

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Similarly, many people employ their own strategies and approaches when it comes to attracting and chatting up that special someone. But, does playing hard to get really work? While many of us probably have our own personal successes and failures with the hard-to-get approach, modern science is finally ready to weigh in on the debate. Birnbaum and Reis have spent a of years investigating the intricacies of human attraction and courtship. Moreover, even if it is a surefire way to find a Friday night datewhy is it so universally effective?

So, to answer those questions they set up three inter-connected experiments.

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The experiments produced a of interesting conclusions. Finally, participants who were ased to the hard to get profiles tried much harder to convince the person they were speaking with to talk or see them again in the future. Going overboard while playing hard to get can cause the other person to see you as unapproachable or even unattractive.

There must be some hope of reciprocation and courtship in the future.

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Dating Games: Playing ‘Hard To Get’ Really Works, Study Confirms