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You want conversations to be free-flowing and not stiff. You want that time to be fun and unpredictable. Whether you end up with your date or not, you want to be remembered as the date who was awesome and easy to get along with. The Dessert Museum has been making waves since it opened on 10 Feb !

If both of you love sweets as much as the rest of us, then this museum may be the place where you fall deeply in love. And it will all be thanks to the tempting and most picture-perfect museum yet. Tip: Book online to get a cheaper rate. Not all desserts are created equal.

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Some are extra sweet, bubbly, and exciting! People bond over food. Why should two people on a date be any different? Instead of going to a fancy or your usual restaurant, do the rounds in food parks. They often open in the evening and are usually decorated with a lot of lights that make them look like elevated food markets. This makes for a chill yet lively ambience. Tip: Try to get there earlier so you can reserve a good spot. Eating out at night is the best time.

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Not only do you get to enjoy the nightlife, but you can watch the city lights come to life. Why not have a fun and adventurous first date instead of the usual mellow one? Everyone knows by now that the Mind Museum unleashes the kid inside all of us and gives us all one heck of a good time. Another great thing about Mind Museum is that it sits in the middle of Bonifacio Global City, so you have a lot of eateries to choose from before or after your museum experience.

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And THAT will surely break the ice. Not to mention, expressing your appreciation for such things is a good point of conversation. Another way to get both of you relaxed and shake off the first date nerves is to talk over a tasty beverage and be inspired by art.

True to its name, here, you get to paint and have a drink at the same time. All you have to do is book in advance. When you need to break the ice, it might be good to get a little help from your furry friends! If your date happens to be a lover of either animal, then this should already be at the top of your list. Cuddling these animals and taking photos with them is almost like therapy. Plus, both of you can talk about your love of these furry creatures and see each other in the most laid-back state for a first date.

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