Showing that you care

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Use our Care Cards to tell someone why they matter to you. The purpose of a Care Card is to serve as a random act of kindness — a message of love, friendship or appreciation. Below are 60 ways you can use a Care Card to tell someone they matter to you.

Share the You Matter campaign on your blog, Tumblr, or on your favorite social media platforms! I pledge to use Care Cards to tell three people why they matter to me. Positive Mental Health, Pass it on! Thank a friend for being there when times were tough. Example: You Matter Because…you let me cry on your shoulder.

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Show someone you appreciate them for being a good friend. Describe a time a small act made a big difference. Example: You Matter Because… you brought me soup when I was sick. Give someone a compliment. Show your best friend why they are the BEST.

Highlight a unique trait. Example: You Matter Because… you rock those red curls and inspire me to do the same! Send a Care Card to…. Tell someone who has been bullied why they matter to you.

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Thank a friend for intervening or standing up against bullies. Thank an adult, teacher or staff member for helping you with a bully. Thank a friend for listening and empathizing with what happened. Tell a classmate who has been bullied that you are there for them. Encourage a friend who stopped bullying. Example: You Matter Because…you are trying to be a better person. Tell someone why they make your life better.

Thank someone for making a difference in your life. Example: You Matter Because…you taught me to be proud of who I am. Tell someone you love them. Tell a friend how they have inspired you to be a better person. Example: You Matter Because…you inspired me to give back to our community.

Give a friend a boost when they are struggling. Tell someone why they are your hero. Explain why you look up to someone. Describe the impact someone has on you. Tell someone why you believe in them. Tell Showing that you care how they rocked it.

Share why someone should be hopeful. Tell someone why their future is bright. Show our public servants why they make a difference. Send Care Cards to…. Teachers Police officers Military service members and veterans Fire fighters Nurses Staff at your school Mentors and coaches Bus drivers Mail carriers.

Thank someone for…. Making you feel included Encouraging you to follow your dreams Teaching you a new skill Standing up for you Leading a cause close to your heart Going above and beyond to help you out. Do something nice for someone and add a nice message Leave an extra big tip for the food server and tell them why their service is outstanding. Leave a message about why their life made a difference. Send a Care Card to an elderly person who has been an influence in your life.

Write a letter to a teacher who influenced your life. Reach out to someone who has dedicated their life to your favorite cause. Tell them why it matters.

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Example: You Matter Because…the work you do ensures a healthy future for our planet earth. When buying coffee, pay for the person behind you. Hand them a Care Card and remind them why they matter. Leave Care Cards at a blood donation center. Tell someone what you notice about them.

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Example: You Matter Because…your confidence is dazzling! Reach out to a homeless person. Give a compliment to a stranger. Tell someone that you admire them. Help us spread the joy:. Become a You Matter Ambassador. Copy the below text into your blog post or embed our badge! Next Step.

Showing that you care

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#YouMatter: 60 Ways To Show Someone You Care