Sugar daddy australia

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When times are tough, where do some cash-strapped university students turn? Sugar daddies and sugar mummies, of course. But it's not all Gucci bags and fancy dinners. These arrangements can have a dark underbelly. According to the latest s released by matchmaking site, SeekingArrangement, this sugar industry - mentoring, as the company puts it - is going strong. Melbourne is no longer just the capital of sport or the arts, it is now also the capital of sugar daddies.

It boasts the top two universities and three of the top five. Monash University has so-called sugar babies, far more than the University of Melbourne, the second place-getter with Macquarie University and the University of Sydney share the third step of the podium with sugar babies each.

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SeekingArrangement CEO Brandon Wade attributes his platform's popularity to the rising cost of living and a battered job market. As of November last year, unemployment sat at 6. There are real risks that these men won't want to abandon rights they perceive they have and will continue to push the boundaries to get more of what they want.

Auerbach also points out the pitfalls of a relationship with, by definition, misaligned interests.

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It often doesn't end well which I have seen in clinical practice with some sex workers who blur their relationships with their clients. Need to talk? Get stories like this in our newsletters. You'll now receive new articles and insights that will help you earn more, save more and make the most of your investments.

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By David Thornton Published on January 15, Related Stories. Saving lives with a big shed, a pile of dogs and an idea.

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By Julia Newbould. Sixteen years ago Bernie Shakeshaft started BackTrack Youth Works to keep troubled young people alive, out of jail, and chasing their hopes and dreams. Ed-tech stock: What the report card looks like for Janison Education. By Chris Batchelor. More than 1. So how does ed-tech stock Janison Education score on its report card? David Thornton is a journalist at Money magazine and is one of the hosts of the Friends With Money podcast. Before that, he covered business and finance news at The Constant Investor.

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Sugar daddy australia

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Inside the secretive world of Australia’s Sugar Babies