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Jathagam Porutham is the Tamil marriage matching of horoscopes that helps you to find a compatible partner astrologically. This method is based on the ancient Tamil astrology system that emphasizes strong marital compatibility and long-lasting married life. In this method, the horoscope of the boy and girl are matched to find the Natchathira Porutham, Rasi Kattam, Cevvai Dosham and so on.

The word Jathagam Porutham is derived from the Tamil language. Here, Jathagam translates into horoscope and Porutham translates into matching. As a whole, Jathagam Porutham in Tamil means horoscope matching for marriage. In the Tamil community, Jathagam Porutham is one of the popular methods to match the horoscope of a boy and a girl before their marriage.

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Basically, it is a marriage partner compatibility check that is prevalent in Tamil tradition to ensure the mutual understanding, happiness, success, prosperity and longevity of the marriage. Jathagam Porutham for marriage is a stricter version of the Tamil Thirumana Porutham.

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The best way to check the jathagam porutham in Tamil for marriageis by date of birth. This is the most common and accurate way through which one may find their life partner and check foreseen possibilities with them. Moreover, in comparison to Nakshatra Porutham and Rasi Porutham, Jathagam Porutham by date of birth is considered Tamil astrology matching online precise, detailed and reliable.

In this marriage horoscope matching by date of birth, astrologers create Jathagam of the boy and girl by taking their birth details- date of birth, time and place. They then calculate the position of planets at the time of birth and prepare the marriage horoscope or Rasi chart for the boy and the girl. Afterward, the horoscope chart of the boy and the girl are compared and the matching properties or Koota or Guna are evaluated.

Cevvai Dosham in Jathagam means Dosham that is caused due to the malefic effects of planet Cevvai or Mars while Sarpa Dosham means Jathagam Dosham that emerges in the Jathagam due to the ill-positioning of Rahu and Ketu. In Tamil astrology, Nakshatra matching for marriage or Nakshatra Porutham means the horoscope matching for marriage by comparing Janam Nakshatras of the boy and girl.

It includes 10 Poruthams method for marriage. Rasi Porutham in Tamil means horoscope compatibility matching by comparing Janam Rashi of the prospective partners. In ancient Tamil Nadu, Jathagam for marriage used to have 20 Koots or Poruthams for matching horoscopes. However, in the modern Tamil horoscope marriage matching system, only 10 Koots are taken into for finding marriage compatibility.

In some parts of South India, only 8 Koots or Poruthams are considered while doing horoscope matching. According to Jathagam Porutham astrology, Dinam, Ganam, Yoni, Rasi, Rajju are the main pporuthams of 10 Poruthams that should be matched for a blissful marriage. To know the chances of love marriage in Jathagam or find success of love marriage, Vasya Porutham are Tamil astrology matching online important.

The strong Vasya Porutham shows the mutual understanding and possibilities of the continuation of love and affection in the future marital relationship. Rasi Porutham in Tamil astrology refers to the horoscope matching for marriage based on the Janam Rashi and Janam Nakshatra of the prospective partners.

Jathagam Porutham can be checked easily by consulting an Astrologer or using Jathagam Porutham Calculator online. You need to submit your date of birth, time and place to check the Jathagam Porutham for marriage. While checking the Porutham, it should be noted that you provide the correct birth details of the prospective partners.

The exact time and date of birth will help to calculate the accurate Janam Rasi and Ascendant calculation. It can help an astrologer to find out the Rasi Porutham and Nakshatra Porutham for marriage. The answer to this question is simple.

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In Tamil astrology, even if you are unaware of the date and time of birth, you can check your Jathagam Porutham report for marriage easily by Rasi and Nakshatra. The Janam Rasi and Janam Nakshatra details are enough to create your Tamil Jathagam and check your horoscope for marriage by 10 Poruthams. However, an astrology consultation by an expert astrologer is necessary.

If you know the date of birth, but do not know the time, an expert astrologer can still help you find your perfect life partner. An experienced and well-versed astrologer in Tamil astrology can identify the Lagna and Rasi of the boy and the girl accurately. So, If you are looking for a perfect match or Tamil astrology matching online to know how well you match with your prospective partner? Check your Jathagam Porutham and get marriage predictions astrologically.

The accurate horoscope matching for marriage in Tamil can help you get quick insights into your marriage and future with your life partner. You may also Talk to an Astrologer online to check your Jathagam Porutham and get detailed readings for the marriage, future prospects, future life partner and much more. Marital Conflict? Love Relations Problems? Match making and Relationship Consultation on Call.

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How to check Jathagam Porutham?

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Tamil astrology matching online

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