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By webfactMay 5 in Thailand News. Daily News reported that seven Thai women had been rescued from a Chinese owned brothel in Dubai. DSI director Lt-Col Korawat Panpraphakan said yesterday that the human trafficking section had been contacted by a member of the public in Dubai about a 32 year old Thai woman. The Criminal Investigation Department in Thai girls dubai were informed and raided the premises - a room in the New Rolla building that was being used as a brothel. A total of seven Thai women were rescued. They had paid a Thai agent 5, baht each and been told to delete phone messages.

The women had been met in Dubai by a Chinese woman and soon discovered that massage was not the game - they were required to offer sex to pay off their 7, dirham 70, baht debt. Korawat took the opportunity to warn Thai women going to Dubai, Bahrain, Malaysia and South Korea that Thai massage work might mean sex. Obviously we will never know how many of those "rescued" women knew exactly what they were doing. It's not likely that they will tell the authorities something like: I came here for sex work to make a lot of money.

I know it is illegal. But somehow there are too many cases of women who are rescued and it seems never any cases of prostitutes making a lot of money in foreign countries They know fine well what their letting themselves in for A couple of years ago my gf visited a massage course at Wat Pho which has a good reputation.

After a couple of weeks she received a certificate. And she was informed about job opportunities in other countries with, especially for Thais, good payment. My gf was not interested in any of those jobs so she never had to judge those advertisements.

I am sure sometime it is difficult for the applicants to find out what is really going on. Because even the not so traditional Thai massage places won't likely advertise all their services I'm happy to volunteer for all-expenses paid visits to the massage parlours to check if Thai girls dubai are only offering traditional Thai massage What they didn't think was going to happen was their passports being taken away, and them being locked in a room.

It is true that many Thai ladies go overseas and make good money, and everyone knows about someone who did that. I see lo of posts on FB from ladies who are overseas and making big money, getting plastic surgery, or marrying a local and living in a big house. How gullible can they be, going all the way to middle east to what they could and here and be home for supper. I think there are different levels but the end result is quite similar. My wife's cousin was recruited a few years ago and after 3 weeks "training" went to South Korea to work in a massage parlour there.

The company she worked for seemed to be well connected, they paid for her ticket and got her a tourist visa and off she went. We saw photographs of the massage parlour and it looked legit with her standing outside with other masseuses. Her employers took her passport and she had to complete her six months stint before getting it back.

She was naturally a bit vague on the details of what she had to do for the job but did return with some nice jewelry and two proposals of marriage. She went back to SK for another asment and then the agency offered her the same deal in Delhi. That was a different kettle of fish altogether. The place was raided and they were all arrested for working without the correct visa and other offences. Ended up with her not getting her passport back and the agency in Thailand dumping them all to sort things Thai girls dubai themselves. Never got to know all the details but it was like hell on earth for her for nearly a year until she was able to bribe her way out.

God knows what she had to do to get her passport back and of course she won't tell.

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I don't know about the individuals in this case and maybe they didn't know what expected them and maybe they were all innocent. It does happen that some are innocent.

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A small town country lady I know who worked straight massage at the temple was lied to by an unscrupulous agent and ended up in a similar sounding place in Dubai. I had warned her and her husband warned her too She did not have to 'work' as I got her the funds quickly but she told me that the ladies there were getting baht a pop and my first thought was the ladies could get more than that walking Sukhumvit I should add that my wife's cousin was a 35 year old mother of one and her husband had run off with someone else before she decided to try the massage job.

Had she been a teenager just starting out then the Thai girls dubai would have never allowed her to go. A bit harsh posti geuss these woman new what they where going to do there because they where promised to make good money there by the people that told them that and those they payed baht. But the way they are held there and treatedthat's the part they leave out when they are lured there by these people.

I am sure all of them would have stayed here when they really know how things are done therebut because they are promised better wages then what they can make herethey go. So they are fictims all the time. And not as you say smart woman knowing what they are getting into.

Most of the time the woman recruting them are being paid to do so and telling them stories that they have been there themselfs and made very good money living the life. This is going on for decades already.

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Just going through my instagram there are so many Thai ladies of the night in Dubai at the moment. OneMoreFarang said " P. Considering this statement from him I suggest we flush the rest of his commentary as he admitted he didn't know. Another case of "let's blame the women" without having any facts.

Just opinions. I'm so glad that guy isn't a judge. God forbid what the outcome would be for so many with the way that guys mind works. Sad that people still fall for it. Most of the pros go there with their eyes open, are not held against their will, and normally free to roam from bar to bar to pick guys up. Different bars tend to have different nationalities. The Chinese in Pattaya tend to either overpay, or, in rare cases, select Thai ladies for permanent export to China, before the pandemic, of course.

It's a huge market place for Thai and Laos girls. Many just go to the massage parlours but know they'll be giving happy endings, some poor ladies have worse luck and end up as the 'sex slaves'. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. By snoop Started 7 hours ago. By webfact Started February By webfact Started 15 hours ago. Thai girls dubai martin81 Started Thursday at PM. By Neeranam Started 23 minutes ago. By webfact Started 14 hours ago. By aussiexpat Started September By DrPhibes Started 12 Thai girls dubai ago.

By Jonathan Fairfield Started December 4, By georgegeorgia Started Thursday at PM. By CharlieH Started January 1. By Zyte Started 1 hour ago. Recommended Posts. Posted May 5. The ladies thought they were going to the middle east to do Thai massage. Instead they were held prisoner while they worked off their 70, baht debt servicing men. It was Chinese owned and there was a Korean in charge 24 hours.

Picture: Daily News A total of seven Thai women were rescued.

Thai girls dubai

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