The flirting quiz

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Scroll To Start Quiz. The other person. I wait it out for a bit. If they don't, I will. Whoever does it first. Of course. No, I don't laugh unless it's funny. I'd probably laugh, but who knows. I'd let out a nervous, embarrassed laugh.

More extroverted, but a mix of both. I tell them. I try to turn them on. I generally don't unless the other person communicates it to me somehow. I ask them how they feel about me. I guess I don't really pay attention to it. Sometimes, yes. Yes, of course. I'm not sure. Yes, I love flirting. If I really like the The flirting quiz, yes. It's nothing special. No, I'm not a huge fan. Yes, I'm very upfront The flirting quiz how I feel.

Most of the time, but some things I prefer to keep to myself. Sometimes I share my feelings, but I'm not always forth coming. I'm more of a tip toer. Heck, yes! If I'm feeling confident. Very rarely. Yes, definitely. I think so. There's nothing wrong with them, but it isn't my thing. I've had my fair share, and I'll probably have more.

I don't think people should have one night stands. I don't have much of an opinion on them. All the time. A few times. Once or twice.

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No, I don't do that. Once or twice, but I prefer to be pursued. Yes, I'd say about half of them. Yes, I usually pursue people first. Emotional connection. Physical attraction. Pretend like I can hear them. Try to move closer. Ask them to speak a little louder. Ask to go somewhere quieter.

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I don't know. They're unnecessary and oppressive. I like them. I don't mind them. They're annoying. No, not usually. Depending on the person, yes. My crush. Whoever feels like talking. What are flirt strategies? As many as necessary. One or two. A few. Yeah, I guess so. Kind of. No, not really.

Bad breath.

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Cigarette smoking. A nice smile. Pretty eyes. Yes, but I eventually got over it. Yes, and I eventually shared with them how I felt. It depends on what an extended amount of time is. Playful poke. High five. Playful punch. Turn bright red and try to hide my face. Go rehearse what I want to say to them in the bathroom. Wink at them.

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Do nothing and hope them come talk to me. I don't think so. For sure. People have told me I do, but I don't see it. Over the phone. Hand written notes. I'm not sure that I'm trying to make them feel special as much as I'm trying to pique their interest. I try to, but I'm not very good at it.

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Not really. Probably not. No way. Maybe, it would depend on who it is.

The flirting quiz

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