Thick medium sized and big beautifull women only

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All "grace representations" of former centuries show more corpulent women than it to our today's ideal corresponds see picture on top! Online experiments. Full version. Morphing of faces. Average faces. Reformed facial shapes. Characteristics of beautiful faces. Beautiful figure. Virtual attractiveness. Virtual Miss Germany.

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What actually determines an attractive women's figure? For most people the answer is absolutely clear: An attractive woman must be above all slender. It is no wonder than, most women judge themselves as being too big and are not content with their own figure. Although this ideal of attractiveness seems natural to us, historically seen, this ideal is new and unique.

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The modern slimness ideal Before the beginning of the th century, most women who were considered to be attractive had bodies richly equipped with typically feminine curves. A glance at the paintings and sculptures of the old masters clearly shows that for centuries feminine figures which were once considered to be appealing, would be regarded today as being too fat.

The painting "Liebeszauber" "magic of love" of an anonymous artist from the Lower Rhine around shows a bride with a figure corresponding to the medieval beauty ideal: Tight pelvis, wide waist circumference and small breasts. However, it is not so simple. Recent investigations have questioned the validity of the magic 0. In non-westernized cultures the preferred WHR is roughly 0.

Different WHR preferences have also been found in westernized cultures. While in the middle ages a more corpulent waist was in vogue, the renaissance and baroque eras brought popularity to the hourglass figure. It was additionally emphasized by clothing such as corset and crinolines. In the 's, boy-like figures were popular among women and the feminine waist was concealed by loosely fitting clothes. In the 's the "wasp's waist" was desired. From the th century a tight waist was stressed by the fashion.

The corsage was invented and allowed the so-called "wasp's waist" by stringing the corsage tightly. It was followed by the corset, which remained in vogue till late th century. A part of Singh's stimulus material. The waist-to-hip ratio was changed here only by manipulating the waist.

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However, the hip remained unchanged. In this experiment the left figure with a WHR of 0.

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In addition, the methodology for obtaining the of the waists-to-to-hip ratio has been criticized. In most experiments the change did not focus on the WHR, but rather the altered waist size. If the waist is made smaller, the WHR decreases. However the ratio would also be reduced if the waist size remained the same but the hip was made wider. However, it is doubtful whether the experimental subjects would still find a figure with broader hips and normal waist as attractive in contrast to a figure with the same WHR but with a normal hip and narrow waist. Nevertheless, with the famous experiments of Singh only two variables were changed on the shown female dummies: The corpulence underweight - normal-weight - overweight and the waist width 0.

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