Thousand foot krutch wish you well

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Log in. Lyrics Artists add. Sometimes love feels like pain, And sometimes I wonder if it's all the same, Sometimes life, feels just like rain, 'cause you never know when it's gonna fall down on you [Chorus] I wish you well, I wish you well, On this trip to find yourself, I wish you well, wish I could help, But I can't help you find yourself Sometimes faith, feels like doubt And sometimes I wonder if we'll even get out Sometimes life hurts just like now, But ya gotta know, it's all gonna come back around [Chorus] Find yourself, I can't help you find yourself, Find yourself.

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And we were sixteen at the time, Nothing could ever change our minds, We were one step below invincible, And we always fought it, you've never been the same, You were so scared to make a name, Then you threw it all away, And I wish you'd come back now. Edit Lyrics. Wish You Well song meanings. Add Your Thoughts 18 Comments. My Interpretation I think its actually about his former guitar player Dave Smith who was in his other band with him. BenjaminsBreaking on February 01, Link. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error.

General Comment The best part of the song is And we were 16 at the time Nothing could ever change our minds We were one step below invincible And we always fought it You've never been the same You were so scared to make a name Then you threw it all away And I wish you'd come back now Thats so powerful.

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General Comment This song is about God and what he would say to us. Clear as that. In the first verse, He knows that hardships will happen and he's warning him that it is going to happen, but he can't give him Thousand foot krutch wish you well answers to the problems The chorus is God saying that: "I wish you well on this trip to find yourself He loses his faith in God and isn't restoring that relationship with him, but is foreshadowing when he says "it's all gonna come back around" They went through a lot together, in fact, their relationship was so strong, they were practically invincible.

And then he moved away from God and went to other things and therfore wasn't acting like himself, and God misses having that relationship with him and he wants him to come back to him, thus the ending: "Find yourself I can't help you find yourself" He wants that relationship to start up again that he says that he has to find himself again in order for that relationship to begin again. WELL that's just what I picked up from reading that song. But I also thought of Dave Smith when I first heard the song Very good song.

General Comment I am a Christian who looks for God in a lot of music, but in this song, I dont think it is God talking to him. I think he is talking to a good friend who possibly gave up God or has changed but its not God talking to him. Song Meaning I'm gonna have to agree with ebirdyca on this. I believe this song could mean one of three things.

It's about the guitar player who left the band, Dave Smith. It's about someone who's probably on the verge of giving up. I can relate to this song, as I had a friend who was in the exact same place in life at one point. It's hard watching someone go through that and knowing that you can't do much to help them. Or maybe it is about someone losing faith in God.

Interpret it how you will, I say. Personally, I'm more willing to bet it's the first one. JadeMare on June 15, Link. General Comment This song totally fits a situation i was going through with one of my friends. She rejected Jesus, and no matter how much i talked with her about it, she still said no. Then i heard this song and it totally impacted me. I can put myself in the place of Trevor McNevan and sing this to my friend, because even though i tried my best, theres only so much we can do, and in the end, its up to God to do the saving.

General Comment actually everyone interpenetrates songs and their lyrics different. The actual meaning behind this song is simple. Its about being close with someone, feeling like your in the same place and then having to step back and watch them Thousand foot krutch wish you well decisions in their life that hurt them, in the end, all you can do is love them through it despite it being a painful experience to endure. General Comment I think its about someone trevor used to know, he was friends with him or her, but now that person has to make a choice of their own, and find themself, the chorus means that trevor wishes them well to find themself, and wishes he could help more so they find god and follow him, but he can't help anymore than he has.

Sometimes faith feels like doubt And sometimes I wonder if we'll ever get out Sometimes life hurts just like now But you gotta now its all gonna come back around He begins to doubt his faith here, because this person won't listen to him, he wants them to come back around. Anyone agree? Matthew15 on September 22, Link. General Comment yeah, maybe someone who used to follow God, but changed. Cassay on February 25, General Comment 'sometimes light feels just like rain' isn't it life? Anyways I think he's trying to tell someone that, well yeah life is hard Chrisseh on December 02, Link. Artists - T.

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Thousand foot krutch wish you well

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Thousand Foot Krutch - Wish You Well Lyrics