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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. Hair Color Blonde. Biography I was born in Upland, Ca. At the age of 5, I became a big sister to my only brother. It was just the two of us. So that makes me the oldest and in my family of cousins, I am the oldest girl.

As I was growing up Tiffany mynx retired had a lot of hatred for my brother, because of all the things he was doing to my dad. But as a blossoming young woman at the age of thirteen, I caused some major problems for my dad too. High school was really hard for me. I grew up in a Hispanic neighborhood and all the girls didn't care for me much. I was threatened physically and sometimes got into fights if I showed up at the bus stop.

So I didn't go to school much.

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My father told me I was going to grow up and be nothing but a loser. I ran away a lot until finally at the age Tiffany mynx retired 17, I didn't come back, and no one came looking for me. I called my family only after I became pregnant. This was just more proof that my father was right when he labeled me a loser.

They told me that they would not help me out if I decided to become a mother. During my pregnancy, I came to the horrible realization that my baby's father was an abusive person. I had to leave him and I went to stay with one of my girlfriends. When my son, "Nathan," was born, he wanted to be part of my life again. This is where I made a big mistake, I took him back. After 5 months with him, he swung at me while I was holding my baby, and that was it.

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I left for good, this time I moved in with my grandma. I got a chance to save some money and finish school. I had saved enough money to get my own place, but it was a very cheap neighborhood. I didn't feel safe living there all by myself, and I really needed a man to help me emotionally and make me feel safe. I lived in that awful place for about 6 months Tiffany mynx retired then I became determined that I was not going to spend the rest of my life like this!

I wanted to find happiness and love, but all I could do at that point was barely exist. I wanted more for my son. I had a good friend through most of these hard times, but we only talked over the phone. She lived in Hollywood and when I Tiffany mynx retired her we would always go out to the "Whiskey" or "The Rainbow. So I was of to Hollywood! I left most of my belongings behind, went to the land of entertainment, slept on a couch, and started working as a stripper. I soon saved enough money to get my own place, and I loved it!

I had money in my pocket, and went to parties till all hours of the night this meant, usually till dawn. My son was 1 year old at the time and he hung out with the rest of us, as part of the group. He had long hair and everyone in Hollywood thought he was the coolest kid, and all my girlfriends thought he was soooo cute!

I was doing okay as a stripper but there was so much competition. He went on to tell me that my girlfriend and I should stop by the studio because they needed a couple of extra girls and I could make some good money.

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I said, "sure. There was a door in the room that would open, and they would Tiffany mynx retired us in one at a time. When it was my turn, I was walked into a room with a man sitting behind a desk. He asked me to take off my clothes. He told me he liked me and wanted me for the job. Now he mentions to me that he wants me to do two sex scenes. I couldn't believe it, I didn't know what to do or what I should do. Well, you guessed it.

I did the job and they called me back again the next week for another gig. My first movie was, "The D. I worked with Tony Tedeshi both times and we became friends. He asked me what agency I worked for, and I couldn't answer because I had no idea there were agencies in the adult film industry. He took me to my first agency and Tiffany mynx retired was there that I meet all sorts of important directors, producers, and other people.

Suddenly I was working all the time and I felt really good about myself. I felt alive, beautiful energetic and sexy. It was the first time in my life I had good money, a job and a life for my son. I never dreamed that I would still be in this business today and I never dreamed that I would be feature dancing and directing movies; but I am, and I'm still reaching for higher stars. I now have a great relationship with my family, and they are very proud of my success in the adult business. It's hard for me to visit them now because I am so busy. I am always traveling on dance gigs, store ings and there are always the conventions that I must attend.

I also run my own fan club and web site too. But I always find time to spend at home with my two boys. I have been a contract performer for several companies, and I plan on being involved in the adult business as long as I can. I love it! I have successfully directed award-winning movies, and I plan to continue making movies through my production company, "Tiffany Mynx Productions.

Tiffany mynx retired

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