Tivo remote not working yellow light

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If your TiVo box is not responding to your Remote Control, perform one or more of the following steps: Step 1: Check to make sure that you are using the remote control that came with your TiVo box. It will have a TiVo button on it. Note: If you are using a Crestron remote, please see Crestron integration for HD TiVo boxes Step 2: Press any button on the remote control to verify that the red light amber light for Premiere remotes above the TiVo button on the remote control flashes.

If it does not, perform the following: Check to verify the batteries are inserted correctly.

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Both batteries should be inserted negative end first. Try replacing the batteries with new batteries. If this is a new TiVo box, try batteries that did not come with the box.

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If the light still will not respond, continue to Step Step 3: If the remote has a switch, change to the other setting and push the TiVo button on the remote control to go to TiVo Central. Step 4: Check for obstructions that may be blocking the al from the remote control reaching the IR sensor that is behind the front center panel of your box. For example, an entertainment center cabinet door may be blocking the al from your remote reaching your box. Step 5: Locate all remote controls for other devices and verify there is not another remote control sending an IR al. The following are examples of other devices that might have remotes causing interference: TV, DVD, stereo, or wireless game controller.

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Step 6: Try resetting the remote control address so that it will control any box. Use the buttons to enter 0. A remote control set to remote address 0 will control any box.

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Step 7: Turn off your TV's backlight function. Step 8: Turn off any computer monitors in the room.

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Step 9: Flash a bright light on the front of the box to reset the IR receiver. Step Perform a global reset of the remote control. Note: After performing a global reset, you can reprogram your remote.

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Step Powercycle your box by removing the power cord from the back of the box and waiting 30 seconds before plugging it back in and look for the TiVo start up screen. Step If the red light amber light for Premiere remotes does not flash or the remote continues to be unresponsive, you will need to purchase a new remote control at the TiVo Store.

Note : If you believe your remote control is under warranty, call our customer service team at to arrange a replacement.

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