When will i ever get a boyfriend

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Report Thread starter 3 years ago 1. So basically it's just me and my close friends in my friendship circle. We're in secondary school, and in top classes, all achieving high grades and stuff. However, I am one of the only ones with social media, and I think it's having a really negative impact on my self-confidence.

For example, last night while I was at home with my family, people from my school were out getting pissed and taking slutty pics etc Some were as young as 14 posing with pictures of shots and getting themselves tipsy or even drunk. They also always take mirror selfies, where they look really slutty, but as much as I hate looking at these pictures, it makes me angry that I don't have the same figure as When will i ever get a boyfriend. Yeah, I'm slim and not like a pin, but I constantly feel pressured to take pictures in crop tops and short skirts. I'm not particularly popular either, more secluded but happy with my close friends.

I haven't had one before, and I'm starting to wonder whether I'll ever go out with anyone, have a first kiss etc Will it never happen? So yeah, I'm clever as oppose to attractive - does that mean boys will never ask me out? Because trust me, I can't imagine finding a date to prom or anything soon.

Also it doesn't help that I'm a massive introvert, but I'm worried that everyone will have a date to prom when I won't. Not what you're looking for? Report 3 years ago 2. Prom is overrated and hardly anyone in the schools in my area had dates to prom. Its such an American idea that you have to have a date. You get the odd one or two couples who have been together since god knows how long that go together, but honestly its more about celebrating friendships. Yes, you will get a boyfriend.

High school is a strange period. These people who take these slutty photos will look back at them and wonder what the hell was going on in their he. These type of girls seem to get male attention not to be girlfriend material, but because they are an easy opportunity to get some female action that their testosterone loaded selves want. Please remember you should not do or wear anything you are not comfortable in.

You will find someone but not every guy in school is searching to find a girlfriend at this point. Libbymay Badges: 7.

When will i ever get a boyfriend

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