Will i get a second date

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The following is a guest article from Sarah Jones. Sarah is the creator of IntrovertedAlpha. She was attracted enough to go on a first date with you even if through a two-dimensional Tinder lensso what will leave her wanting a second? All fun, smart, and attractive women like to see those qualities in a man. Before you set foot out the door, get yourself into the right frame of mind, which is that your first date is a mutual exploration.

No matter the degree of connection or lack thereofyou can still get to know and enjoy another person on your date, which is valuable. This laid-back, balanced way of seeing things is the right hepace to be in. Present yourself well. Given that your date is a mutual exploration, you want to be comfortable and at ease while also assisting her in developing attraction towards you.

To do this, wear something you look and feel great in: a well-fitted button-down shirt is always a winner. As is being well-groomed. Being someone who takes care of himself and who takes pride in his body is always sexy to women… especially those who do the same. The way you carry yourself says a lot about you.

It says how confident you are, how relaxed you are, and how powerful you are. Take her to a place that feels great to be in and reflects well on you: a beautiful park or a great coffee shop, for example. Take her some place distinctive and pleasant. A date is not an interview, but it can feel like one when one person is barraging the other with meaningless questions. Do you really care how many brothers and sisters she has or where she went to school?

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If you do, then by all means go for it. But if not, steer clear.

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Make sure that everything you say, you mean. Every question you ask, you should genuinely want to know the answer to. Doing this puts you at ease and helps you stay present in the moment, which is definitely a good look on you. As long as you know the basics and you trust yourself to handle whatever comes your way, you are free to lead in the conversation, touch, and flow of the date. No one does this perfectly, and it all takes practice. Remember this is not a test. If she is warm to your touch, then you can touch her for longer. You can brush her skin with your hand, and you can move closer to her and put your arm around her.

She wants you to hold her, and her body will flutter with excitement when you do. Escalating touch through the course Will i get a second date the date as you get warm als from her is bold. Maintaining strong, open body language is also bold. So is only saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Holding long eye contact, allowing for silence, going for the kiss when you feel like it — all bold things.

This boldness implies comfort in your own skin, which is sexy. Instead let her have time to think about how the date went, to daydream about you, to imagine seeing you again. One way to avoid being overbearing is to send her a text of a fun, funny, or beautiful photo of something that made you think of her. This is light-hearted and non-agenda based. Even you would want to hang out with YOU all day. This was a guest article from Sarah Jones of IntrovertedAlpha. Get her free First Date Pro Training series right here. Share on Facebook Tweet.

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Will i get a second date

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