Zim zum interview

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Zim Zum interview late He didn't have a lot to say while he was in Marilyn Manson, chiefly because mastermind Marilyn didn't let him do interviews.

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Bue now that Zim Zum, who played on the band's new album Mechanical Animalsis out of the band, he's talking - about the album, the band, and why he's no longer in it. It was never anything about business. We never really talked about anything like that.

It's not that it went sour or anything," Zim began when we sat down to talk poolside one July afternoon at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood. I wasn't fired," he insisted. Pogo"but I'd gotten these offeres to play on other albums that I'd turned down and I kinda looked at the next 18 months worth of touring and didn't want to spend it in a hotel room. I would go back to the studio, maybe go back on tour with them, but right now I just felt that this was the right thing to do. They'd gone into the studio armed with "quite a few songs written before and during the tour, and we just jumped into it.

It wasn't about planning anything. We just went in and started recording. Everyone was open in my contributing," said Zim. We did like a song a day, recording as fast as we could because all we wanted to do was play 'em for anyone who wanted to come in the room. And I think the name of the album has as Zim zum interview to do with its concept as much as Antichrist Superstar having to do with the theme of that album. Its another chapter, and each one could be a movie or a book," he continued, without elaborating. If we wanted to set a foundation for longevity, this is the time to do it.

We took a chance and didn't think about repercussions. We really did some things beyound what we even had planned on doing," said Zim, and with that "anything goes" attitude came a kind of freedom of reinvention "that went over on the album. We proved the point that we wanted to on the last album as far as waking people up to things that they tend to see every day and just take as the truth. I think it's more introspective and I guess kind of depressing to some people," Zim said.

I would go to my hotel room because I was escorted there by two securtiy guards that were staying outside my door. I'd turn on the TV and we're on the news. The death threats, bomb threats, all that stuff started coming in regularly. We had to deal with politicians in every state, city officials, police officers," said Zim, uneasily recalling the time they played at a ski resort in Salt Lake City, UT, and did a soundcheck before "a row of police that saw our shirt with the cop with the gun to his on the back. There's no way we could have functioned under those circumstances. Zim has great memories of playing Giants Stadium in New Jersey, an "amazing show" in Spain, looking out and seeing "75, people who were Zim zum interview us" in South America, and playing " seat clubs in Japan with no production.

The kind of normal things, I guess.

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The shows, the fans. But I don't think I'm going to be able to miss it because I have the feeling that it will be again," Zim said, confirming that the door "absolutely is" open for future recording and touring. I wanted to do this and they understood because I think a lot of them have the same feelings as far as there's things they want to do.

He'd like to get involved with soundtracks and even try acting, but his priority is "starting my own band. I've got all the songs and I'm contacting people I like and want to play with. Anyone who wants to come in and be creative is more than welcome but it's gonna come down to me.

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I'll play bass, play guitar, sing," he said. Being the quiet guy in the situation has helped quite a bit.

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Didn't make any enemies either. Zim, ne Michael, was raised in Chicago with an older "jock" brother by his mom and a grandmother who was supportive but questioned the viability of a career in music. He has sent her tapes of Manson shows, but figured the live experience "would probably be a little too much for her. Seeing 5, people like me at once can be a bit weird. He figured something else would come up, and one day he saw an ad in the paper that proved him right.

He's keeping the name, and is eager to make it even more well known. It all led up to me ing the band and me doing an album.

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It's permanent, it's there forever. This is exactly what I was working towards since the day I ed the tour. I'm leaving on a positive note," he said.

Zim zum interview

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